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Socially - consumer services and home care of

B Autonomous uchrezhdeny the Tyumen region

Complex center of social service of the population of the Tyumen area You can receive services of social service at home. We help the lonely, elderly citizens, disabled people, people who are in a difficult life situation and not only to them, all who address us, get timely support and the help. This article will tell you about types of the social help which to you will be given by social employees of our Center, privileges and a necessary package of documents.

Our social workers carry out the activity in the territory of the Tyumen area which includes 24 municipalities (Andreevsky, Bogandinsky, Borkovsky, Bohr, Vinzilinsky, Gorky, Embayevsky, Kamensk, Kaskarinsky, Knyazhevsky, Kulakovsky, Malkovsky, Moscow, Mullashinsky, Narimanovsky, Novotormansky, N - Pyshminskoye, Onokhinskoye, Perevalovskoye, Salairskoye, Sozonovskoye, Uspenskoye, Chervishevskoye, Chikchinskoye).

Social employees of our Center are engaged in purchase and home delivery of food, waters, goods, drugs; help to cook food, to wash the dishes, to bring firewood and water, to clean snow, to flood the furnace, to be tidied up in the house, to wash things, will cause on the house of the plumber, carpenter, hairdresser; will pay utilities (water, light, phone, the Internet, etc.) .

In need of you will feed, will wash, will help to put on, replace bed linen, will provide first aid, will send you to medical or other institution, will visit in hospital. Will sanatorno help you to receive in case of need - resort permits and technical means of rehabilitation (crutches, canes etc.) .

Specialists of the Center are psychologists and lawyers will consult you, will answer the interesting questions, will help to make necessary documents (statements, addresses), will tell about the privileges put to you, material support and payments, will help to collect a package of documents.

Depending on your financial position you can have the right for partial payment of the provided services or for completely free service.

It is worth paying attention that to service citizens with a mental disease in an aggravation stage, staradyushchy chronic alcoholism, tuberculosis, venereal diseases, other serious illness demanding special treatment are not accepted at home.

If you want to ask us a question or call to use the service

by telephone (3452) 765 - 168

or come to us to the Center for the address:

Tyumen area, settlement Moscow, Ozernaya St. 7

journey by a share taxi No. 80 to a stop Institute or shop Mercury

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