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Social help to a family, woman and children of

B Autonomous uchrezhdeny Tyumen region

Complex center of social service of the population of the Tyumen area the office of the social help to a family, the woman and children functions.

On the basis of office conducts work of the psychologist - pedagogical service, and an anonymous free Telephone hotline 901 - 208 where the people who appeared in a difficult life situation for whom council, the help and support is necessary can address. Working hours of service: PN, W, SR, ChT 17:00 - 18:00, PT 16:00 - 18:00, SB 10:00 - 12:00, Sunday the day off.

Functions " school; Save yourself from violence for the purpose of training of minors.

The exit service of the rehabilitation help to minor children and their families on the Tyumen area which includes consultations of the lawyer, the psychologist and rendering the urgent social help to citizens works.

In the Center the technology semeyno - educational group when the child is accepted in the family under guardianship, on temporary or continuous stay is actively used. The citizen whose age from 18 to 65 years can become the tutor. He signs the employment contract with the Center, receives a salary, a monthly allowance on keeping of the child, has the right for social privileges and annual vacation. One family educational group can contain no more than 3 children age from 3 to 17 years. The term of stay of the child in family educational group is defined individually. An important condition for reception of the child is the consent of all family members, and also a consent of blood parents of the child (if they are available).

Also on the " HEY base; KTsSON of the Tyumen area the free school of the replacing parents which is created to help future parents to master necessary knowledge in the field of education, leaving and protection of the child works. On the termination of a course you receive the certificate on preparation passing which is termless and valid across the territory of the Russian Federation. We invite in school of citizens who want to accept on temporary continuous education of the child or to become the trustee. It is possible to register in occupations by phone: (3452) 765 - 262, 765 - 996.

Specialists of office conduct active work with the minors released from correctional facilities and their families; on rendering the social help to the family which is in a difficult life situation; complex work with single mothers pregnant with women, living in socially - dysfunctional families and women who refused the child in the genitive house; with incomplete and dysfunctional families; advisory and scheduled maintenance on the prevention of emergence of stains; rendering psychological assistance to the minors which fell a victim of a crime; on the organization of rehabilitation work with families in which parents cruelly treat children; social and psychological work on escort of minors at a stage of pre-judicial, judicial investigation.

If you want to ask us a question, call by telephone (3452) 765 - 996 or come to us to the address:

the Tyumen area, the settlement Moscow, Ozernaya St., 7

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