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Than the last Saturday of June is significant?

that annually last Saturday of June in Russia the Day of the inventor and rationalizer is celebrated, know unless inventors and rationalizers.

And in due time this holiday was celebrated in a big way, the size to the whole country! Since the end 50 - x the last century, from easy giving of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the holiday was safely approved. At that time Day of the inventor and rationalizer was the Soviet similarity of delivery of the known Nobel Prize.

Dear members of the mentioned Academy, considering all improvement suggestions which arrived in a year from sons of the Fatherland chose from them the best. And, respectively, solemnly awarded the caused a stir companions. Such there was era, so to speak.

But eventually holiday faded also lost the initial value. Since 1979, once significant, it turned only in professional what remains to this day. And it is good still what remains.

Anyway, and our history dazzles with the names known around the world. Probably, because all of us are famous - not only fools and roads . Who invented the first-ever radio? - A.S. Popov. Who possesses glory of the founder of the first-ever electric telegraph suitable directly to practical use? - P. L. Shillingu. Who opened the periodic law of chemical elements (and even if in a dream)? - Matter of course, who, D. I. Mendeleyev!

And in spite of the fact that name of the holiday Day of the inventor and rationalizer sounds quite funny and on - Soviet, it everything actively is good to celebrate tradition - to develop. And even to rename it from modest professional in real state ! The inventions generated by creative thought actually considerably change the course of the history.

It is rather difficult to present our modern life without light, ordinary phone (not to mention mobile), the computer and many other And all this magnificence which is perceived presently as self-evident, someone once thought up and recovered .

Even scissors in the form in which they are known to mankind today, have the own author which world famous Leonardo da Vinci is.

Considering rate of development of science modern, in the near future we not only will spend summer holiday, drinking cocktail on Venus, but also to communicate easily by intergalactic phone with representatives of the best minds of a Martian civilization).

Therefore let`s appreciate living near us Einstein and Newtonian, nights withering over the inventions and not to forget to congratulate them last Saturday the first summer month!