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Secrets of aromas: how to smell sweet all day?

How to make so that the fragrant loop remained with you the whole day? It is possible to carry, of course, toilet water or spirits in a handbag, but whether there is other exit? Is!

It is just necessary to consider when where and how to cause favourite aroma.

If you really want to prolong effect of perfume, choose aromas with sensual sweet notes, such as shipr, a bergamot (Mitsouko, Femme, Miss Dior), or with east elements, vanilla (Shalimar, Samsara, Spellbound, Angel, Coco).

Besides, there are small secrets which will allow to prolong life of favourite perfume:

- It is better to cause aroma before you put on clothes and jewelry - some spirits leave indelible spots on clothes and accessories, especially on synthetic fabrics and pearls. You put a smell with layers: at first soap or shower gel, then milk or cream, powder and only then toilet water.

- If you have a dry skin or you the irritable, sensitive person , then it is necessary to apply aroma on skin to a thicket (it too quickly evaporates). On fat skin the smell keeps longer - sebaceous glands for a long time hold it.

- From time to time change aromas . Try something new, experiment, enjoy! Otherwise at you will arise olfactory fatigue - a state when your nose does not perceive aroma which you use.

- If you are going to buy new toilet water , go to shop in the morning and try it is no more than three aromas for once.

Where you apply perfume, it is almost as important as what aroma you choose.

To smell sweet longer, remember the following:

- Apply to aroma on pulse points - on wrists, a neck, for ears, on a bend of elbows, around a breast. Skin is in these parts warmer therefore the smell dissipates in air quicker. And if high temperature, do not forget to apply a smell on anklebones, from the inside of knees and on inside of hips.

- Apply favourite aroma on the hairbrush and comb hair it . As spoke to Coco Chanel, you apply perfume there where you want that you were kissed . You should not scorn this magnificent opinion! Madam Chanel applied spirits even on an edge of clothes which she created that models, pacing on a podium, reserved a fragrant loop.

Properly to cause aroma for the maximum result?

Here several secrets which need to be known:

- Spray toilet water at distance of 30 cm from yourself . Or listen to council Esti Lauder: scatter before yourself, and then enter a fragrant cloud which you created.

- Fixers, or the main notes, help to connect smells together. They prolong aroma as slow down evaporation. They contain natural and sensual aromas: spicy, wood, coniferous smells, such as musk, ambergris, vanilla, sandal-wood tree, patchoulis.

- The correct storage of spirits can prolong them life. you Store them in the cool, dry, dark place. In a bottle of perfume as in a bottle of good wine, oxidation process therefore protect the aromas from high temperature, light and humidity begins.

I is the last that needs to be known:

- Perfume - contains 20 - 30% of fragrant oils, sticks to from 4 to 6 hours.

- Eau de parfum - contains 10 - 20% of fragrant oils, about 4 hours keep.

- Eau de cologne - contains 5% of fragrant oils and sticks to from 2 to 3 hours.

- Eau fraiche - contains 3% of fragrant oils and sticks to from 1 to 2 hours.

- Powders contain 9% of fragrant oils.

- Creams contain 8% of fragrant oils.

- Lotions contain from 3 to 5% of fragrant oils.