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How to choose the certified electronics? Advice to the buyer.

How to distinguish the certified goods from imported illegally? Tough rules which could save you from " sulfur; electronic engineers, no, but, following some of our advice, you will be able to reduce risk of acquisition that.

Council No. 1. You look at packing. As a rule, the producer, opening new model for our market, the first that is evident at a meeting with " approaches it thoroughly, and; gray goods is a packing of the device on which there is no Russian inscription. No, on a box it is possible to stick pieces of paper with the Russian inscriptions, to put some stamps or to apply on it pattern inscriptions, but it will not be original product such inscriptions or stickers - very often used trick. The real certified goods can be only in packing with printing executed inscriptions in Russian.

Council No. 2. Read the instruction. the Maintenance instruction is some kind of passport of a product. She gives you an idea of the device, tells how to use it. And, naturally, the instruction has to be or is exclusive in Russian, or if goods are delivered to several countries, in several languages at once. But presence of the page in Russian in the instruction is obligatory. The maintenance instruction which is carried out in foreign languages and without the translation into Russian says that before you the illegal commodity immigrant to the country.

Council No. 3. Name of model. the name of model of the device, as a rule, bears the national element. For example, practically all production in the territory of the USA has at the end of the name of model a letter U . The goods intended for deliveries to the European Union countries have a letter E in the name of model, and on the certified goods, intended for the Russian Federation, usually there is a letter R . To read the name of the concrete device, you need to look only at the back panel of the device, on it there is always a label with the name of model.

Council No. 4. Menu of management. And here again the question of language accessory of concrete equipment rises. The matter is that the main menu of management and all teams and settings surely have to be Russified. Of course, you will not find such electronics which would have the menu only in Russian, it simply is not accepted, but lack of Russian in the menu - an indicator of its illicit origin. Not Russified menu of control of the device demonstrates that it did not pass certification in Russia (it is one of requirements of state standard specification and TU).

Council No. 5. Checking of numbers. However the most reliable method is confirmation of certification of the concrete device on its number. But similar marking is practiced, unfortunately, by not all producers. In general the policy of producers concerning purity of a product happens very different, but, as a rule, the service connected with check according to numbers often is not used.

Finally it is necessary to notice that all above-mentioned councils are quite relative because the official representative of serious producer can trade at some moment in a small batch of electronics imported it is not certified for the purpose of studying of a consumer demand and vice versa: gray the supplier can understand that it is time for it to move to a new level and to begin delivery on white to the scheme. And therefore in each separate case, in each concrete shop it is necessary to look on a situation and to check production in all above-mentioned ways. Be careful upon purchase!