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How to choose the certified electronics? Gray delivery.

Today swindlers as it is sad, were not translated yet, and there are not only swindlers - singles, but also swindlers - the companies. The part them specializes in import of consumer radio electronics.

They find ways not to pay customs duties that gives them the chance significantly to reduce the prices of the imported goods. Such deliveries are called gray because through border they go openly, that is, nobody hides them in holds of the ships as real black smuggling, but documents are processed in such a way that it allows to deceive customs.

For example, the customs declaration is made out on other commodity position (TNVD code), and it gives to the company which is engaged in import, economy on the customs duties. So, if the company declares the TV not as the TV, and as the completing elements for assembly of the TV, then its duty can be half less. To collect - it means to buy rather cheap spare parts and to create workplaces for people; it is encouraged with the state also import duty for them less. And the goods which are not certified yet are a leaving from expenses on certification procedure, and they are not small.

Of course, gray the goods are very attractive to the buyer by the price, but what it is dangerous by? First of all, total absence of guarantees for the consumer in case of refusal technicians. Sometimes it is about full incompatibility of equipment with our conditions. Perhaps for example, not to coincide permission as it happens in a case to LCD TVs with 20 - inch NTSC - a matrix. Our television radio signal has the bigger resolution, than a matrix of such TVs (640480 against ours 720576). But if discrepancy of permission is not terrible yet, then at discrepancy of food of the technician can burn down. And any to you guarantees.

Very often representative of the supplier " sulfur; technicians on a question of guarantee certificates refers to the service centers of the producer in our country. Yes, many producers, knowing about practice gray deliveries, go for free repair of such equipment in the service centers for support of image of the company, but to a thicket customer services just refuse to repair such production.

By the way, not always only thirst of a profit involves gray deliveries, sometimes we, buyers are the reason also. It occurs when the producer of the device removes release of model for our country for late terms, and we we are eager to buy it already now. So, for example, was with the game console PlayStation Portable from the Sony company. Its official sales began only in a year after it appeared at us on radio markets.

In this case exit one: to watch releases of producers about sales in our country, to call in representative offices of the companies making goods or representing the producer. And to buy the certified production. Otherwise you risk to buy dullness .

Several councils which will help not to let dullness to your house, will be considered in the following article.