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Fetid odor from a mouth, whether an occasion it for concern? Part 2. Means of fight

the Most available of house means against a fetid odor - crude apples. Eat them more often. Well rinsing refreshes with infusion of fresh fennel a mouth. The garlick or onions smell will disappear if to jam these vegetables a root of parsley or a celery. Eliminates a smell from a mouth freshly brewed strong tea, including after wine, garlic and onions.

At diseases of a mucous oral cavity in traditional medicine rinsings were long since applied by infusions and broths of medicinal herbs. They along with anti-inflammatory action render the good deodorizing effect. Use for these purposes a camomile, a sage, leaves of wild strawberry, a calendula, a St. John`s Wort, mint. Usually the grass (separately or in mix several types) is made from calculation a tablespoon on a glass of boiled water, insisted, wrung out. It is enough half-glass of warm infusion for one rinsing. It is better to do it after food and after you a toothpick, and removed then with a toothbrush with paste or powder all remains of food. At least after a breakfast and a dinner repeat these procedures regularly. If in lunch time at work it is so detailed to be engaged in the gums and teeth it is impossible, make at least fresh to tea and rinse them a mouth.

For washing of almonds that in them purulent traffic jams were not late, infusion of a bitter wormwood is very effective. Make one teaspoon of the crushed dry wormwood two glasses of boiled water, insist 15 - 20 minutes, filter. Rinse a throat several times a day. To the same purposes serve also broth of oak bark. It possesses powerful antiputrefactive action. Zheludochno - intestinal diseases often are followed by excessive gas generation in intestines - a meteorizm. It even more strengthens an unpleasant smell from a mouth. In this case herbs should be accepted inside as carminative means. Fennel, parsley, caraway seeds, anise, peppermint, melissa, sage are known for this property.

If the fetid odor is connected with digestion, reception of absorbent carbon (karbolen) - on 1 tablet 3 times a day after food, but without abuse is useful. Well and, of course, the freshness of breath directly depends on that, how accurately and carefully you carry out usual hygienic procedures. Alas, not for all became the rule yet: on several minutes in all directions an elastic brush with paste in the morning and to brush teeth in the evening, and after each meal to rinse a mouth warm water.

Choose toothpastes which contain fluorine, calcium (it will strengthen tooth enamel), extracts of the medicinal herbs removing an inflammation of a mucous membrane of a mouth and eliminating all unpleasant smells. Elixirs with the deodorizing substances especially well refresh a mouth during the day. 10 - 20 drops on a half-glass of warm water - and for a couple of hours are provided to you fresh breath. If after the sandwich eaten hurriedly or candy you have no opportunity to rinse a mouth, have chewing gum in a stock.

From the aforesaid it is possible to draw conclusions that the fetid odor from a mouth can be harmless and not dangerous, and can serve as a signal that it is time to be engaged in treatment of the teeth, a stomach and other bodies.