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How to get rid of dark circles under eyes?

Among the main reasons for emergence of dark circles under eyes can be allocated the following.

Thin skin. Skin under eyes very gentle, it is impossible to characterize it as elastic and thick. With age skin and a fatty layer under it become thinner even more, and blood vessels become more noticeable what creates effect of dark circles. Ultraviolet rays accelerate processes of aging and thinning of skin around eyes.

Allergic reactions. Dark circles can be result allergic reactions to various substances which are airborne, such as pollen, dust, hair of animals, etc. Food allergy also promotes emergence of dark circles under eyes.

Genetic predisposition. At some people vessels are located close to skin around eyes from the birth. This physiological feature is descended.

Puffiness. as a result of violation of an exchange of liquid under eyes hypostases can develop. Result in puffiness: smoking, surplus salty and sharp in a diet, diseases is warm - vascular system, a thyroid gland, a liver and kidneys, and also reception of some medical supplies.

Lack of a dream. From a lack of a dream complexion becomes pale, and blood vessels - more noticeable.

Lack of iron of an organism and dehydration.

How to cope with dark circles in house conditions.

1. Do not forget to drink enough pure simple water.

2. You apply under eyes sunblock cream with SPF 30 before going to sunbathe. In usual time use creams for a century and proofreaders for eyes where there is a sun-protection factor.

3. Get enough sleep.

4. Do lotions of cold black or green tea.

5. Do on mask eyelids of the cucumber cut with ringlets. Duration of procedure is 15 minutes.

6. Minimize the salt use. Eat less fried and sharp as such food badly affects work of kidneys.

7. Apply cream for a century with the content of vitamin K.

8. You watch that in your diet there was enough vitamin C which strengthens walls of blood vessels.

9. To people who accept preparations for blood fluidifying, for example, koumadin and aspirin, is recommended to include in the diet a food additive from extract of seeds of grape seed and piknogenol. These antioxidants promote strengthening of walls of blood vessels. However on this matter do not forget to consult with the doctor.

The following products also contain the antioxidants promoting strengthening of walls of vessels: cranberry, bilberry, blackcurrant, blueberry, cowberry, green and black tea, onions, bean and parsley.

You watch over the health, you sleep, as much as possible, eat properly, and also avoid beer and other alcohol, and you will have less problems with shadows under the eyes.