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How to look after skin during pregnancy?

during pregnancy a hormonal background of the woman change. It influences not only mood, but also skin. Changes can be unpredictable: one month skin can be dry, the second - fat, happen rashes more often. There is a wish to note that problems with skin - the characteristic phenomenon for the first trimester of pregnancy. How to cope with problems and not to do harm to the developing child, I will tell in this article.

Fat skin.

During the first trimester at many women of a rash on skin amplify as the content of certain hormones in blood sharply increases, the amount of the made skin fat and as a result of heat-spots increases.

Unfortunately, you during pregnancy cannot use traditional spots medicines, especially in the first trimester as these three months and there is the main process of formation of a fruit. So, avoid :

any means provided without recipe, containing vitamin A (for example, Akkutan, Retin - And, Differin, Tazorak), and also creams with Retinolum and antibiotics;

decorative cosmetics, the clearing and moistening means containing salicylic, glycoleft acid, an alpha - and a beta - gidroksidny acids.

After the first trimester you can use cosmetics of local action. Do not forget, the means what moistening, clearing and decorative cosmetics should not contain fat.

Optimum plan of fight against fat skin.

Use the soft, not drying clearing means twice a day.

Three times a week use a srub which cleans a face not chemically, and mechanically at the expense of small parts.

Once a week you put the clearing mask.

During the day blot a face with napkins to remove excessive fat from a face.

Dry skin.

during pregnancy the need for liquid at an organism increases therefore moisture can literally not to reach to face skin, and also hands and a foot and to get for needs of the developing organism.

What should be avoided.

do not use the means containing a cortisone or a hydrocortisone. As well as the drugs against an acne mentioned above they are absorbed by skin and get in your organism. Use only those means removing irritation on which there is a mark that they do not make collateral impact on a fruit.

Optimum plan of fight against dry skin.

Most important: drink more than simple clear water which moistens your skin from within (the moisturizing creams only prevent evaporation of water from a surface).

Wash twice a day the skin for washing intended for dry skin.

Use softening, moistening and sun-protection means.

clean the Peeling by means of the srub making mechanical face cleaning by means of small parts.

Once a week do the moistening mask.

Maintain normal humidity indoors, especially in a heating season. It is possible to make it by means of a humidifier.

do not carry away water procedures. Take a bath not more often than 1 time a week. Use the moisturizing shower gels and body creams. I would advise shower oil instead of gel, and still oil for a bathroom.

If you can make nothing with the skin at all or do not know how this or that means will be reflected in future child, ask for the help the expert.