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In what it is impossible to go to work?

Many companies secretly establish the clothes style to which all employees have to adhere. Other firms, in principle, do not impose any requirements to a dress code. However lack of such requirements all the same does not mean that at office it is possible to appear in anything.

Choosing these or those clothes for office, think not only of your comfort, but also of comfort of people around (i.e., your colleagues). It, perhaps, first rule. The second: you remember also that if you seek to achieve success, to promote, it is necessary to put on so as if you already achieved desirable results in business and held that position which you would like to occupy. And the third: take into account the standard rules of clothes, pertinent at office.

Is not necessary:

to Wear in office bulky jewelry

Bulky jewelry is urged to draw attention of people around, they will be pertinent in a certain telecast, on the street, at a party, but in any way not on a workplace where you have other tasks and the purposes.

to Wear trousers and jeans with very low landing

Should not wear trousers or jeans with very low landing thanks to which a certain emphasis on your underwear is placed. The similar look looks a little vulgarly in office situation and does not dispose to serious work in any way.

to Wear mini-skirts

Even if you have an excellent figure, you should not walk up and down on office in pass - a skirt, showing the faultlessness. Pass - a skirt as well as bulky jewelry, it is urged to draw attention of public, in particular, of a man`s half. The similar clothes act otvlekayushche on a workplace, do not allow to concentrate at work. Besides, pass - dresses create an image of a certain frivolity, a vitaniye in clouds, nonprofessionalism.

to Wear easy transparent clothes

If you wish to draw attention of your colleagues, the managements, partners with your professional progress, then put on respectively, it is peculiar to the sure skilled expert. The easy transparent clothes nevertheless will be suitable for informal parties or rest on the beach by the sea more.

Shorts were never considered to Wear shorts

and will hardly be sometime considered as the business clothes or clothes suitable for office. Shorts already won the status of informal clothes for rest.

is recommended to Carry tops on thin shoulder-straps

Similar clothes or not to put on in office at all, or to combine with a jacket or a jacket. The official style assumes more closed and reserved style.

to Wear baggy clothes

Should not put on the baggy clothes making impression that it is at least 2 sizes more than your habitual size in office. It is good when you have an own style in clothes, however bagginess and clothes for growth at office nevertheless will create to you negative image.