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How to keep health of skin? (Healthy nutrition) of

you can buy the best and expensive cosmetics, but without appropriate food your person will not look good so as it could. We suggest you to read councils about what helps skin to look healthy and that disturbs.

1. Drink more water. Water humidifies

and clears your organism of slags, provides normal functioning of all systems, improves a metabolism. As a result you receive healthy complexion and well moistened skin. Simple water without gases so affects our organism. Any juice and the more so aerated water is not ranked here.

2. Lean on fruit.

They contain many antioxidants which help to fight with free radicals - the substances which are formed in an organism as a result of influence of adverse conditions of environment and a stress. From - for free radicals your skin looks dim and tired.

3. Add fats. Forget

about diets without the content of fat. The lack of the last conducts to the fact that skin becomes dry and angry. Pay attention to healthy fats (they nonsaturated) which contain, for example, in olive oil, fat breeds of fishes, almonds, etc.

4. Reduce the caffeine use.

Caffeine - substance diuretic. In other words, at the use of kofeinosoderzhashchy drinks your organism does not manage to receive moisture, it is quickly removed. Caffeine contains not only in coffee, but also in black and green tea. One - two cups of kofeinosoderzhashchy drink are still admissible, and here it is more - only to the detriment of skin.

5. Increase the use a beta - carotene.

This vitamin contains in orange fruit and vegetables, protects skin from harmful effects of sunshine.

6. Increase the selenium use.

the Mineral increases elasticity of skin, protects skin from harmful effects of sunshine. Wholegrain cultures, eggs, garlic contain selenium.

7. Vitamin E.

Improves structure of skin, promotes reduction of wrinkles. In day you need 400 mg of vitamin.

8. Avoid alcohol.

It causes organism dehydration and as result - dim complexion and dryness of skin, hypostases and swellings. Alcohol expands vessels and causes a rush of blood to face skin that is inadmissible if you are inclined to such disease of skin as a rozatsea.

9. Any excess calories.

In the long term excess calories cause increase in body weight and an extension on skin.

10. Vitamin C. by

it is Widely used in various means on face care. However vitamin has useful effect and from within, protecting skin from influence of sunshine and free radicals. Most of all vitamin C in a citrus, in berries, in spinach and tomatoes.