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How to make low-calorie salad?

the Salad made of various ingredients - an excellent way to satisfy hunger, to sate the organism with nutritious elements, and at the same time not to gain excess calories. However not all ingredients are good. I will tell you about 14 best components of salad and about ingredients which need to be avoided.


Contains many monononsaturated fats and very little saturated; does not contain cholesterol. To use: 30 g

Salad gas station.

Use only low-calorie gas stations which are not containing fat. And it is the best of all - olive oil of a cold extraction, but no more than 2 teaspoons.


Just protein well. To use a half of the hard-boiled egg.


In spite of the fact that they contain many fats, nuts are rich also with proteins, fibers and minerals. To use: 1 teaspoon.


Contain folic acid and selenium, strengthen immune system and reduce risk of developing of cancer diseases. To use: 30 g


Cheese with the low content of fat - a fine source of protein and calcium. Well kinds of " cheese will approach; " Feta; and low-calorie " Cheddar;. To use: 30 g

Carrots. with

the beta - the carotene, antioxidant protecting from cancer Is rich and it is warm - vascular diseases. To use: 30 g or 5 - 6 young carrots.


Contains vitamins A and With in a large number. It is enough to use one red pepper to receive standard daily rate of these vitamins. To use: 30 g

Cauliflower and broccoli.

Contain the cellulose and vitamin C, phytochemicals protecting from cancer. To use: 30 g

of the Squirrel.

Good sources of protein are chicken breast and tofu. To use: 90 - 100 g, the size approximately about a palm.

Dry cranberry.

It is rich with vitamin C, protects from infections of urinary tract. To use: 2 teaspoons.


many kinds of salads Exist, but the leaf is more dark, the it is more in it than nutritious elements. It will be just excellent if you mix various kinds of salads with other greens. To use: 100 g


vitamins A and With Contain, lycopene which protects from a prostate cancer and a thick gut. To use: 40 g

Bean. a lot of folic acid, a squirrel, celluloses Contain

. To use: 40 g

as a result will contain the listed ingredients salad somewhere of 350 kcal .

6 traps which need to be avoided at the choice of ingredients for salad.

bacon Pieces contain a lot of salt and fat, also preservatives.

Croutons often are exposed to frying therefore contain the harmful hydrogenated fats.

Creamy gas station for salad is a generous source of the hidden calories. For example, in one tablespoon of salad gas stations Thousand islands and Caesar 150 kcal and 16 g of fat contain.

Meat delicacies, various salamis and ham, contain a lot of salt and fat. About 60% of their caloric content are the share of fats.

Fat cheese, in particular, its such versions, as Roquefort cheese and To Bl promotes obstruction of vessels.

macaroni and potato Salads too kaloriyna, contain fat mayonnaise and a lot of salt. They should be avoided. If you want to make the salad a little kaloriyny, then use wholegrain macaroni, they contain cellulose and a little protein. Also at preparation do not use mayonnaise and salt.