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For what you can be fired?

When you use the big efforts to search of that work which would bring you moral and material satisfaction and when you, at last, find such work, it would be less desirable for you to remain once again the unemployed and again to waste efforts to search of the new place.

Certainly, it is always easier to strengthen already available positions, than to create something new. In other words, it is simpler to reserve a workplace nevertheless, than to find the new, suitable you work.

Knowing the main reasons for which you can to ask you can avoid such fate.

The main reasons for which dismiss:

If you do not even try to learn that actually expect from you in the company.

Is recommended to be discussed nevertheless with the management the working moments, expectations from your work, your duties, prospects, policy of department from time to time. Similar talk helps you to represent accurately what, actually, from you is wanted, and, proceeding from it, you will be able to estimate your work.

If you often tell recently : Yes it does not belong to my duties .

It is undoubted, your duties have to be limited, however every time when you are asked to make something over these duties, to make right there statements that you, actually, should not do it is not necessary, it does not enter a framework of your powers. Phrase it does not belong to my duties says to the management that you do not show special enthusiasm in work and you are not going to do something over obligatory.

If you try to receive financial benefit at the expense of the company.

It is that if you are sent behind stationery for the company, you have to return with them and with accounts for the spent sum, but not to try to buy still something, necessary personally for you.

If you abuse resources of the company.

It is about it if you often use the Internet, Skype, e-mail, phone with the personal purpose. In - the first, it will be noticed at once as in each company monitoring of that, what is the time is conducted and what the employee spent for. In - the second if to convict you that you abuse resources of the company, you will become the first candidate for dismissal.

If you complain to all who feel like it how you do not like your work.

Periodically at all from us the thought what work already cloyed a little and that which - that does not suit us, however even if it and so, is not necessary about it " flashes in the head; to blow everything. Remember that there will always and everywhere be well-wishers who will inform necessary information to the management. And now think, well what management will like the fact that you show all discontent with work?!

If you often forget about the principle No. 1 under the name work in the " team;. to

to Whom like upstarts who everywhere and everything try to prove that they it is cleverer than the others? For this reason try to show own superiority over others less, give better support to those colleagues who need it. Your desire to help others will be estimated far above, than your individual approach to work.

If you take out the private life on a review of colleagues.

Remember that it is better to work at work nevertheless and - words about your private life! You came with the purpose to work and earn, for this reason your personal relations concern nobody here, so, you should not be told about them at all. That it is worse for you if suddenly it turns out that from - for personal the relations you did not perform any work in time.

If concept deadline for delivery of the report even more often carries for you rather recommendatory, than a binding character.

The more often you do not cope with your working duties, the more often you ignore deadlines of delivery of reports, the opinion on you as about the worker becomes worse. Delay of delivery of reports says only that you consider that delivery terms are not important for you especially.