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What is an acne?

At the wrong functioning of sebaceous glands occur obstruction of a time skin fat. It is resulted by inflammatory process which is shown in the form of eels, spots, furuncles, hems, etc. All this is called an acne.

Whether food influences an acne?

It is considered b that there is no direct link between food and an acne. However there is a communication indirect. In - the first, the healthy nutrition revitalizes your organism in general, it well influences also skin. In - the second if you have a food allergy, then the food which you use, will influence a condition of skin. If you eat something that was not pleasant to your organism, it will right there be reflected in your face.

Whether sex influences an acne? Is not present

. Hormone testosterone is an acne source only when it is developed much actually by your organism. Lack of sex or too stormy sex life, and also masturbation do not exert impact on an acne and, especially, do not cause them.

Whether dirt influences an acne? Is not present

if only you have no special allergic reactions. So-called black points on a face appear not from - for dust, and because of internal processes of obstruction of a time. The people suffering from an acne try to wash a face more often than 2 times a day. It is wrong, at such approach you overdry skin, cause irritation and only strengthen inflammations.

Whether the acne becomes worse during periods?

Yes. Many women notice that rashes on skin become 2 - 7 days more before periods. The reason for that - change of level of hormones.

Whether pregnancy helps to cope with an acne?

In most cases, no. Usually in the first trimester of a rash on skin become even more intensive, than before pregnancy. Sometimes the problem with an acne disappears during pregnancy, but rashes can develop within the last months again.

Whether sweat influences an acne?

About 15% of respondents noticed deterioration in a condition of skin after they strongly sweated. There is it, probably, because when you sweat, water blocks a time, causing an inflammation.

Whether big humidity influences an acne?

Yes. The effect turns out same, as well as from sweat.

Whether the cosmetics can worsen a condition of skin?

to the People inclined to rashes on skin, it is necessary to avoid cosmetics on a fatty basis as it provokes obstruction of a time. Be also careful with oils for suntan, check them on a small site of skin to look what will be reaction.