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How to improve the diet?

you Think to grow thin, it is necessary to eat less? Partly it so, but plays a role also that is.

It is sometimes rather simple to make several changes to the usual diet, and it will be enough that not only to grow thin, but also to feel healthier and more vigorous.

1. Replace bad " fats; on good .

Begin to use products which monononsaturated fats and an omega - 3 fatty acids contain. For example, olive oil, fish, nuts, avocado. These products together with vegetables, fruit and wholegrain cultures reduce risk of emergence warmly - vascular diseases by 80%, diabetes - for 90%. However if you just add these products to the diet, without having refused at the same time the sated and hydrogenated fats, then receive excess calories. How to replace harmful on useful ?

Any oil and margarine. you Watch

: or you completely refuse a favourite delicacy - oil sandwiches, or change it for bread with olive oil of a cold extraction and various spices. You love potatoes with oil? Replace it with the fat-free sour cream.

Add nuts.

Instead of frying chicken breast in breadcrumbs, bake it in mix of spices and pieces of walnuts or almonds. Besides, add to porridge pieces of walnuts and seeds of flax to increase quantity an omega - 3 in a diet.

Have more than fish.

the Omega - 3 fatty acids are rich only fat breeds of fishes: herring, tuna, salmon, salmon, etc. Fish has to be present at your diet at least 2 times a week.

we Clean cheese and mayonnaise.

Stop putting cheese and mayonnaise for strengthening of taste of dishes. It is possible to add olive oil to salad, and it is possible to bake various dishes and just with seasonings, without cheese. You like taste of cheese? Eat it just like that, with coffee and fruit, it is not necessary to add to dishes when roasting and to salads as this product contains many not so useful saturated fats.

2. Choose only whole grain. Grain, rich with fibers, many diseases help to prevent

: cancer and diseases of heart, vascular system, diabetes. Fibers among which cellulose known to us, are acquired slowly therefore sense of fulness remains for a long time. However, on average, the person uses less than 1/3 recommended day quantity of grain. So, how to enrich a diet grain without harm for a figure?

the First: replace muesli with grain from whole grain. In order that porridge cooked quicker, wet grain for about 12 hours. Only oat flakes as boil soft oat grain even in an oven very difficult can make an exception.

the Second: choose only whole-grain bread and small loafs. Otherwise what sense then in general is bread?

the Third: replace white polished rice brown.

And, at last, the fourth: if you bake something, add bran to flour.

3. There is more calcium.

For prevention of such disease as osteoporosis, in day you need 1000 mg of calcium that is equivalent to 3 glasses of milk. Most of people, however, receive less calcium. To increase amount of the used calcium, do the following:

Drink milk.

If you love coffee, add to it milk or choose cappuccino, latte to offset calcium loss. Surely eat cottage cheese or a glass of yogurt in day. Instead of porridge on water train her on milk.

Remember that firm cheeses are the fattest among cheeses, it is possible to replace them with less fat - Mozzarella .

Some fruit and vegetables also contain calcium. It is a rhubarb (in 100 g 105 mg of calcium contain), turnip (104 mg), broccoli (43 mg) spinach (30 mg).

4. There is more advantage of fruit and vegetables.

the Use of fruit and vegetables reduces risk of emergence warmly - vascular diseases, diabetes, a hypertension, cancer and obesity. In day it is recommended to use from 9 to 5 portions. What is represented by every portion and how to achieve fruktovo - a vegetable variety in a diet?

Create a color variety.

Use, at least, one portion of fruit for breakfast, a lunch, an afternoon snack and a dinner. That one portion predstvlyat itself: 1 fruit of the average size, 200 g of freshly squeezed juice, 50 g of the fresh, frozen or tinned vegetables and berries, 100 g of greens, 20 g of dried fruits.

Add fruit and vegetables to daily dishes. Thus, you will have no

feelings that now you need to eat more food. On the contrary, vegetables and fruit will force out more high-calorie components of usual dishes. Drink coffee and tea with dried fruits instead of cookies and candies, add the frozen berries to yogurts and porridges.

Vegetables instead of a garnish. French fries and boiled potatoes replace

with a garnish with vegetable salad or stewed vegetables.

So, be not afraid of changes in food. Of course, they will be reflected in the family budget as vegetables and fruit are more expensive, than potato and macaroni. But it is worth it.