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What is a solar allergy?

With approach of the summer period all from us are glad to the sun more than ever, and all seek to be more often in the fresh air and to enjoy sunshine. However we know that the sun gives not only beautiful equal suntan, but also promotes early aging of skin, emergence of cancer educations, and under certain conditions can cause an allergy.

The solar allergy (or photodermatitis) is an unusual reaction of our skin to sunshine. The allergy to the sun is shown by reddening of face skin, peelings of skin, a severe itch, puffiness are more rare than hands, legs and a stomach, emergence of blisters.

Most often the solar allergy develops then when we sharply change climate (for example, we go to rest to the hot country with climate, atypical for us). Photodermatitis people with very light skin, and also children who have no strong immunity yet have most often.

It is considered that the sun in itself is not capable to cause an allergy in the person. Emergence of allergic reaction is promoted various cream, by lotions, deodorants, perfumery which we put before an exit to the sun. Some substances (various oils, in particular, oil of a bergamot and a citrus, phenol, eozin) which are contained in this production react with UF - beams and by that provoke emergence of photodermatitis. For this reason you should not put cosmetics and perfumery before acceptance of solar bathtubs. Before an exit to the beach use only sunblock cream. However and at the choice of this or that sunblock cream it is recommended to discuss its structure with the dermatologist.

The allergy to the sun can be caused also by avitaminosis, existence of diseases of a liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, endocrine system. Provokes photodermatitis and reception of some medicines, such as antibiotics, cytostatics, oral contraceptives, antihistaminic preparations, anti-inflammatory preparations.

How to treat a solar allergy?

Very first that should be made is not to acquire several next days a tan until there takes place allergic reaction. It is recommended to put on the closed clothes the street (trousers, easy jackets with long sleeves).

It is possible to do damp rubdowns in the first days and it is obligatory to drink more liquid.

If you had blisters, it is possible to apply ointments which contain zinc, methyluracil. Instead of ointments it is quite good to apply juice of an aloe on affected areas or to make a compress of a camomile - if you have no allergy to these plants.

It is possible also to recommend to apply the preparations contributing to normalization of a metabolism and regeneration of skin at photodermatitis. Carry antioxidants, vitamins C to such preparations and E, and also vitamins of group B.