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What type of men suits you? Whether

are Known by you that, proceeding from to what color you give the preference, it is possible to judge your desires, requirements, the purposes in the relations? We bring to your attention the small test which by all means will help to define what type of men suits you more.

So, choose one of three flowers which are most pleasant to you. Just look and, long without reflecting, choose one.

Green - Violet - Orange

was Chosen? And now get acquainted with result:

If you stopped on green

Green color means that you dispose a male to a direct talk. During a meeting they are ready to tell about the life, they feel comfortable and confidently in your presence, they feel support of you. The fact that you dispose a man`s half to open conversation allows also you initially already to define what is necessary also for important this or that man what his intentions, to what relations he aspires.

The preference to green means that you look for stability in life and seek to find the one who would introduce this stability also in your life, together with prosperity and sure, quite certain future.

If you chose violet

Violet color means that you are attracted, first of all, by energy of the man whom you meet. However actually you will suit rather that man who is capable to calm you and to create comfortable conditions for you.

You submit surrounding men your game, your energy, you just load men, it seems to them that you do their life more interesting and more various.

You are loyal in the relations. You consider the relations as serious business. You make the decision to marry only after your candidate could pass the main selection criterion which more concerns external appeal of the man. You agree or not, but all lovers of violet will seek to marry the handsome. For this reason nevertheless we recommend not to reject at once all who did not pass your selection, and to give to men one more chance to prove.

If you stopped on orange

If you the lover of orange color, about you it is possible to tell that you very charismatic, amorous and attractive person who just fascinates men. You are able to listen and argue that allows you practically always correctly to perceive a situation and to guess character of the relations. The look of a man`s half can dement you. However, in spite of the fact that you can be bewitched a look, all of you will make the decision on marriage not emotionally, and having properly thought.

You will intuitively look for the clever and constant partner who, as a rule, marries once and for the rest of life. You aspire a vystraivatyotnosheniye with those men who can teach you to something.

As you possess strong charisma, you cannot show from the first days of your acquaintance your sensual party at once. All that your young man is capable to notice - so this your ability to be protected, answer with sarcasm questions, otherwise, yours sharp tongue it will be noticed first of all. For this reason you seek not to overdo and still let know that you can be sentimental and womanly too.