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How to choose correct bathing suit?

If you have a beautiful slim figure, you are able to afford practically everything: the most courageous decisions corresponding to your style and desires. Alas, not each woman has an ideal figure, but nevertheless the right choice of a bathing suit will help to hide certain features of your figure which you consider as shortcomings (or actually are those). A right choice of a bathing suit - guarantee of good mood and pleasant rest!

To the touch modern elastic fabrics from which bathing suits are sewed, remind silk, a velvet or cotton. Meanwhile, unlike fellows, they maintain the scorching sun and frequent salty bathtubs. The bathing suits made of modern fibers (a taktel, microfiber, an elastane), well pass air, do not get out of a shape, quickly dry, do not shrink, are not rumpled, do not burn out and do not stretch.

Some models are created from fibers, repellent UF - beams that preserves skin against excessive solar influence. Investigating a label, be not surprised to a round sum on the price tag as the price in this case directly reflects quality of a bathing suit.

Find fault with all these - tekovsky frills are worth a lot, but it is hardly worth saving on so seductive part of female clothes: in it, as they say, and in a feast (that is in the sea), and to the world - to play beach volleyball or to sit at coastal small restaurant, blissfully sipping cool mint cocktail.

But first of all it is necessary to choose correct " bathing suit;.

Small breast


bathing suits with the condensed cups, on stones, push up;

a bra without shoulder-straps;

the draped bodice;

cross drawing, frills, bright coloring;

light top dark bottom . there is no


vertical strips on a breast;

bras without cups and stones;

dark tone.

Big breast


a bra with shoulder straps (better to support a breast) and stones;

V - figurative deep cut;

the combined bra coloring: more darkly above, is lighter below;

diagonal drawing or models with a smell creating the diagonal line on a breast. there is no


narrow shoulder straps;

of a cup without stones;

bathing suits from an inelastic fine fabric.

Full figure


a one-piece swimsuit of the muffled tones with the high content of lycra, but from opaque fabric;

of an insert, dragging away a stomach;

of a cup with stones;

vertical drawings. there is no


of bikini;

high or low cut in the area of hips;

bathing suits from brilliant fabrics, motley coloring, vegetable, geometrical, cross drawings;

is the close, pulling together bathing suit.

Narrow shoulders


light bright top (with drawings or horizontal strips), dark bottom ;

high cut of the rounded-off form;

widely carried bra shoulder straps;

of a detail on shoulders: applications, bows, buttons. there is no


bathing suits with a collar;

longitudinal lines in the top part of a bathing suit;

deep V - figurative cut.

Big shoulders


top - collar;

deep V - figurative cut;

vertical strips on a bra. there is no


any details on shoulders (an embroidery, applications);

widely carried shoulder straps;

short top;

crosswise straps on a back;

shallow notch;

horizontal or motley drawings.

Wide hips + full stomach


a bathing suit from opaque fabric;

accent on top (deep decollete, bright coloring);

is dark, with vertical details bottom ;

a drapery on diagonal;

of an insert on each side contrast colors;

the dragging-away inserts on a stomach;

widely carried shoulder-straps (counterbalance bottom ) or clasped / tied on a neck;

if shoulders not narrow, approaches a style with a short skirt. there is no


bathing suits from brilliant or light fabric;

longitudinal details on waistlines and corbels;

cross drawings in the lower part.

Short legs


the shorts which are highly cut out on hips (if rather narrow hips);

if hips wide - shorts from average height cut;

longitudinal drawing or vertical strips.

V - figurative cut. there is no


shorts - shorts and bikini;

the shorts which are low cut out on hips;

horizontal lines in the lower part of a bathing suit.

Short waist


bathing suits with strips and vertical details (longitudinal seams, applications, an embroidery);

of a cup on stones (to raise a breast);

the combined vertical bright strips;

deep At - figurative cut;

one-piece swimsuits and very narrow shorts (visually increase distance between a waist and a breast). there is no


horizontal details on waistlines, corbels;

wide shorts.

High growth + excessive leanness


of bikini;

a bra on wide shoulder-straps or without them;

shorts - shorts;

bright horizontal strips and details;

brilliant fabric (lycra), motley coloring. there is no


vertical strips;

dark coloring.

And still...

If you have an excess weight, never follow the tastes of temptation to buy a bathing suit one size smaller - say, it will pull together all cambers. Choose one size more - and then shoulder-straps will not stick into shoulders, a breast - to fall out of cups, and pants to emphasize all folds on sides.

Special, double, models in which the dense dragging-away mesh corset is attached, - the successful invention for stout women. by

Choosing a bathing suit, pay attention to quality of seams (on the place of a line there should be NO HOLES) and firmness of coloring.

Having chosen several bathing suits for fitting, test each of them: sit down, bend, stretch in different directions. If does not press anywhere, nothing unexpectedly falls out; and in general you feel that all on the place - you found the bathing suit.

If you the owner of a faultless figure, do not put on too bright bathing suit - it will only distract attention from your curves.

will Visually extend legs a continuous bathing suit with high cuts on sides. Rinse with

a bathing suit in fresh water after each bathing, and it will long keep brightness of paints.

At the choice of a bathing suit it is the most reasonable to be guided by firm - producer. Leaders, on production of qualitative sports models - Speedo, Arena. The so-called linen direction - Gottex, La Peria, Felina, Triumph.

The size on bathing suits is usually specified by means of letters:

S - small (to 44);

M - average (46 - 48);

L - big (48 - 50);

XI - very big (50 - 52);

XXI - from 52 - go.

Symbols of composition of fabric bathing suit:

of tac - a taktel;

of pes - polyester;

of sp - spandex;

of el - an elastane;

ra - polyamide;

with - cotton;

of nu - nylon.

Lycra. the Synthetic fiber possessing elasticity, durability, perfectly stretches. Material of which the bathing suit is made always has to contain lycra (not less than 20 percent - for correction of a figure, but no more than 30, differently it will badly pass air).

Taktel. Combination of knitted fiber and lycra. Differs in softness, elasticity, air permeability. Dries practically right after bathing: both in a shadow, and on the sun.

Polyamide. the Soft, elastic, dense, but quickly drying fabric perfectly tightening a figure. Has properties of a taktel, but with big gloss that perfectly is suitable for lovers of elegant swimwears. It is better if lycra and an elastane are added to polyamide.

Microfiber. Elastic, silky to the touch, the fabric which is perfectly passing air and instantly drying.

Polyester. It is used for inexpensive models. Such bathing suits do not burn out, but they are enough for one season, besides they long dry.

Successful purchase!