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Why it is necessary to drink more water? 10 medical facts.

1. Water - the integral component of a human body.

Depending on age, a fatty layer, etc. the body of the person consists for 43% - 75% of water. (If to exclude fat from an organism, then the human body consists of water for 72%.) The person, perhaps, will also be able to live from 4 to 8 weeks without food, however without water our organism will die in 10 days (considering room temperature).

2. Water delivers nutrients.

Water circulates together with a blood-groove and helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen in cages and members of the body. She acts as solvent for nutrients and salts, and helps them to be acquired.

3. Water - means of cleaning of an organism.

Water serves also as means of removal of slags, or waste a metabolism, in the form of urine and sweat. Imagine this process as release of an organism from toxic agents, a detoxication. It is the most important function of water in an organism (though not really pleasant esthetically).

4. Water helps to prevent an urolithic illness.

of the Kidney of an organism are filtered by waste products and direct them for a conclusion from an organism in the form of urine. Increase in concentration of some salts in urine increases risk of formation of stones in kidneys. In most cases such risk can be reduced, using a bigger amount of water and, thereby, diluting concentration of salts in urine. Therefore to the people inclined to an urolithic illness, it is recommended to use 12 glasses of water a day (for healthy people this norm makes 8 glasses).

5. Water reduces risk of receiving a sunstroke.

Water - nearly only major factor in regulation of body temperature. In hot days we sweat (in other words - we emit water) stronger, and it evaporation sweat renders the cooling effect on a body. At a lack of water of an organism (dehydration) this adjustment of temperature glitches, and body temperature increases, as conducts to a sunstroke. The strong sunstroke can lead to damage vitally - important bodies.

6. Water helps to lower a blood pressure.

When we lose a large amount of liquid for any reasons (the use of an insufficient amount of water, sports, an illness etc.) to prevent water loss (owing to breath and sweating), our organism tries to compensate this shortcoming by compression of blood vessels that, in turn, leads to increase of a blood pressure. That is why it is so necessary to drink enough water for prevention of increase of pressure. Of course, it belongs to cases when the blood pressure raised from - for a lack of water of an organism. (However special courses of treatment of diseases of heart, liver, kidneys during which the organism is specially dehydrated in this case are not taken into consideration.)

7. Water helps to prevent heart diseases.

As it was told by

to b above, dehydration conducts to the fact that cages and body tissues absorb water from a blood-groove, reducing thus blood current (for this reason there is a narrowing of blood vessels to the subsequent increase of pressure of blood, see point 6.) . The raised blood pressure - a sign that heart works in speeded more up mode, than usually: heart tries to pump up more blood to bodies to balance amount of blood in the narrowed vessels. It can aggravate already existing cardiac illnesses. The use of enough water can help to prevent it.

8. Water influences health of our skin.

Participating in sweating process, water also eliminates pollution of skin and clears it, skin looks younger and healthier. The dehydrated skin loses a tone: looks drooped and wrinkled.

9. Water does not contain calories.

Water does not contain calories, unlike the carbonated drinks stuffed with sugar so, the water consumption will not lead to increase in weight. Many researches indicate that increase in a water consumption helps with weight loss: replacing sweet aerated water with water, we thereby reduce consumption of calories that leads to weight loss. So next time when you go to snackbar, instead of sweet drink order a water bottle.

10. Water suppresses appetite.

Just because water does not contain calories, she acts as ideal filler for a stomach, creating such feeling that, in turn, reduces feeling of hunger.

By the way, it is necessary to pay attention that there is a difference between consumption of enough water and overconsumption of water. The last can lead to the most undesirable and unpleasant consequences - to washing away of salt from an organism that conducts to dizziness or a faint. Be accurater than

. Rely on the feelings: feeling of thirst - an organism signal that water is necessary for it.

The recommended dose for the healthy person - 8 glasses of water a day. If consumption of such amount of water for you is unusual, for improvement of taste it is possible to add lemon juice to water. Also very good habit - always to have with itself a water bottle.