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Modern real estate. What are townhouses interesting by?

all residents of our country dreamed 10 years ago of own well-planned apartment in which to each member of their close-knit family there would be the place. But time goes, and together with it also views not only of life, but also of real estate change. Now all of us dream to run away far away from the big city and to live in a cozy lodge beyond its limits. Over the past few years experts note increase of a share of construction of country real estate. Especially it concerns such type of real estate as townhouses. For a start we will deal with this type of real estate and we will define its main characteristics.

So, tankhausa are the houses connected by the general walls to several floors which are equipped with separate entrances and small grounds. Similar real estate objects are simply ideal for those people at whom shortage of financial means on acquisition of the apartment in the city or a separate cottage is felt.

Types of townhouses:

Combined - on 1 and 2 floors have 1 - 2-and 3 - room apartments, each of which is equipped with a separate entrance;

Kvadroksa - are calculated on accommodation of 4 families;

Duplexes - are constructed for accommodation of 2 families;

Classical - are under construction counting upon accommodation from 8 to 10 families.

Most often the settlement consisting of townhouses represents structures from 3 levels in which there are 2 main floors, and also a socle and a penthouse. Standard execution of townhouses means an arrangement at the first level of garage and utility rooms, at the second level - a zone drawing room, and on the third - bedrooms for owners. It is supposed that bathrooms are located on two floors.

In the suburb of St. Petersburg a large number of cottage settlements in which it is possible to buy townhouses according to your personal preferences settles down. Below we will provide the list of the most popular of them:

The Cherry Orchard - this settlement is located in the territory of the Vsevolozhsk area. Here it is possible to get townhouses at the prices from 2,5 million rubles.

Lomonosovsky district gives an opportunity of purchase of duplexes with a site in 5 hundred parts. Taunkhasa are located near the city and an outcome with ring road. The price fluctuates from 3,3 to 3,7 million rubles.

Peterhof comfort - townhouses are located near Peterhof, in only 1 kilometer from congress with ring road in Maryino. An ideal combination of life near the city in the eco-friendly area. The prices fluctuate from 2,8 to 5,5 million rubles.

Close - it is located in Mistolovo in 7 kilometers from ring road. In total for half an hour there will be an opportunity to reach the airport or Kurortny district of the city. The average area of townhouses - 90 square meters.

Arc - it is located in Kurortny district of the city. Represents the embodiment of popular dream of life in the country with comfort. The settlement includes 20 houses, the area of each of which makes from 180 square meters.

the Peterhof Grange - is located in Petrodvorets district of St. Petersburg. Includes 7 households of Old Peterhof. It is possible to walk to the English garden with a pond. The area of houses fluctuates from 365 to 526 square meters.

the Solar settlement is built in Lomonosovsky district of St. Petersburg. The distance from it to the city makes about 2 kilometers, and to ring road - 8. The prices of townhouses fluctuate around 1 - 1,4 million rubles.

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