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Critical days. Part 2. How PMS is shown?

As are shown by PMS? to

Depending on what symptoms of PMS are leaders, allocated five main forms:

nervously - mental,

vegetativno - vascular,


tsefalgichesky (headaches),

unusual or atipichesky.

Such division is conditional as the same woman can sometimes have a combination of several PMS forms.

How it is shown nervously - the PMS mental form?

This PMS form has various options. For example, in premenstrual days aggression, tearfulness, irritability is noted. The woman easily flies into a rage apropos and without cause, is excessively quick-tempered. The conflicts at work and in a family, with the husband, children, parents become frequent. By the way, the decision on divorce is more often made by the woman these days. Constantly there is a pity to itself, it considers herself offended, people around seem inattentive. At the studying girls progress decreases, there are conflicts with friends, teachers.

In other option of PMS can be followed by a depression, tearfulness, sense of hopelessness, perception surrounding in black tones. The fatigue, drowsiness or a peculiar exhaustion of forces can be PMS signs if they appear cyclically and some days to periods proceed. Women note intellectual and physical fatigue, usual loadings are carried out hardly. Quite often the combination of both options of this PMS form meets.

What vegetativno - vascular symptoms of PMS? They can be shown by

in the form of heartaches which do not pass after reception of validol and/or nitroglycerine that quite often leads to the wrong diagnosis atypical myocardial infarction as there are complaints to heartaches, short wind, weakness, and on the cardiogram changes, typical for a heart attack, are absent.

Increase of arterial pressure can be observed cyclic (before each periods). It is sometimes noted syndrome of panic attacks : increase of arterial pressure, fever, increase of heartbeat, breath, spastic belly-aches, fear of death, sinking heart. Upon termination of this attack the speeded-up urination is noted by almost colourless urine.

How the PMS edematous form is shown?

This form is characterized by a liquid delay in an organism, pain and a nagrubaniye of mammary glands, puffiness of hands and legs, persons, an abdominal distension. All body seems crowded with liquid. The increase in weight is noted. I observed the patient who in premenstrual days put on weight to 6 - 8 kg, she had special clothes and footwear for these days of a cycle. With approach of periods there comes improvement, ease in all body, enlightenment in the head, hypostases and the added weight leave.

By what it is characterized tsefalgichesky (from the word cefalgia - a headache) the PMS form?

Quite often women note headaches in premenstrual days. Bol is pulsing, begins at temporal area and proceeds as migraine. There can be a feeling vypiraniye eyeball. The headache can be followed by nausea, vomiting; pressure is, as a rule, not increased.

What means unusual or the PMS atypical form?

the PMS atypical forms Meet:

cyclic temperature increase of a body from 37,2 to 38 - 39 C in the absence of signs of an inflammation and cold;

cyclic attacks of bronchial asthma;

cyclic allergic reactions, cold;

cyclic attacks of epilepsy;

cyclic displays of eczema, neurodermatitis;

cyclic ulcer stomatitis - ulcers on a mucous membrane of a mouth;

cyclic diseases of eyes: conjunctivitis, increase of intraocular pressure, sharp decrease in sight.

What there are main methods of treatment and prevention of PMS?

To treatment of PMS are often applied by hormonal, diuretic, hypotensive preparations, antidepressants, tranquilizers and so forth. Salt restriction, reception of products with the high content of potassium is recommended: raisin, dried apricots, baked potatoes. If the woman needs protection from pregnancy, then reception of contraceptive pills at the same time will relieve it of PMS. The polyvitamins which are especially containing vitamins of group A, B and E are surely appointed. Hormonal preparations are effective at PMS if reception of contraceptives is contraindicated to the woman.

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It is prepared on book " materials; In total about periods prof. V. P. Smetnik, manager. Department of gynecologic endocrinology of the Center of obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, Moscow