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How to bring up a dwarfish rabbit?

you decided to get it a lovely small animal? Remarkably! Rabbits are not only valuable fur, but also beautiful and charming creatures!

Characters at rabbits happen different. Sometimes quite obstinate creations which do not want to be tamed in any way come across. They either are too timid by nature, or are excessively aggressive. But also tender, sociable and friendly animals at all not a rarity.

Most often owners of dwarfish rabbits complain that their absolutely manual and gently favourite pet suddenly begins to show aggression to owners: bites, tries to strike with paws. It, apparently, unexpected and nothing from the point of view of owners not justified change of behavior is explained by approach of the period of puberty. However, aggression in relation to people most often dies away subsequently, but in some cases can remain.

It is necessary to remember that if you constantly are not engaged with a rabbit, to give him at least 15 - 20 min. a day, then it can lose any interest in life and on all your attempts again to enter into the friendly relations either will not react, or will become aggressive. And now I will tell a little about some rabbits.

Usually a krolchata quickly get used to the owner. Process of a domestication has to be gradual, but in a week at the tender and skillful address your krolchonok will become absolutely manual. Quickly growing popularity of dwarfish rabbits as pets is not casual. A manual dwarfish rabbit - a tender and pleasant being in communication. In the countries where there live Catholics, dwarfish rabbits are usually given to children for Easter.

Rabbits - clever and bright animals. Not without reason they often appear in the western fairy tales, and replace in them our foxes, that is the character cunning and clever, but, unlike a fox, not spiteful. Rabbits - animals quite silent. From them it is possible to hear only muffled “ clang “ or very specific deaf sound at a meeting of a male and female. Sometimes rabbits let out long shrill cry during pairing (rather seldom) and in a situation of very strong fright and pain. Therefore if you took in hand a krolchonka, and he for some reason began to shout loudly and stridently, it means that the kid was frightened. Cage him back and leave for some time alone. When the krolchonok calms down, it can be taken in hand again. If the rabbit begins to drum on a floor hinder legs, apparently, it something is frightened or angry. But such behavior can serve also as an alarm signal.

Some owners accustom dwarfish rabbits to walk on a lead. It is necessary to accustom a krolchonka to a lead and such walks gradually too, and it is necessary to remember that it is impossible to put on a collar as the rabbit will never get used to it a rabbit. The breast-band intended for a kitten or a puppy of small breed will be suitable for a dwarfish rabbit. The first days put on a breast-band for several minutes. Repeat this every day, increasing the time spent of a rabbit in a breast-band. In 5 - 6 days you can put on a breast-band together with a lead and walk with a rabbit on the apartment. Be engaged in it within several days and you do not hurry to bring a rabbit to the street. When you go with it to fresh air, try to shirk your pet in quiet places (on the seasonal dacha, in a quiet court where do not walk dogs). Rabbits - animals very careful and timid and at a sudden fright can begin to escape and to try to escape. Having been frightened once, the rabbit will not be able to walk further on a lead any more.

Rabbits willingly carry out various tricks. They are not difficult to teach to jump through a hoop, a stick or a small barrier. They “serve“ for a piece of carrots or a leaf of a dandelion.

When they are let out from a close cage to take a walk (and it is necessary to do it regularly), they joyfully jump on a floor or a sofa, funny “throwing“ long hinder legs.

Let`s say you want to teach a rabbit to jump through a hoop. Take a hoop, put a rabbit before it, and you hold a forage piece in other hand. Do not lift a hoop over a floor at once, and wait when the rabbit crosses through it. As soon as he makes it, give him a small piece of a delicacy. Repeat this procedure until your pet does not understand that demand from him. Then raise a hoop by several centimeters and achieve that the rabbit jumped through it. Gradually increase height and, eventually, you will achieve that the rabbit will jump through him according to your first requirement. During training it is possible to give command, for example: “ Barrier! “.

Using this principle, it is possible to teach a rabbit to any other trick. Remember that at the first stages of training it is necessary to support with a forage any correct action of an animal even if incomplete. It is much easier to train a rabbit in something if he in any situations performs this or that operation (for example, having become angry, strikes with paws a pillow or a small tambourine). This principle with success was used by the famous trainer V. Durov.

I Wish you mutual understanding with the small animal!