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What is told by actors about series Matchmaker ?

Recently begun series on STS TV channel interested me and it was popular among TV viewers. It is so fine to watch how the matchmaker moreover that which is played by Anna Bolshova reduces destinies of people! And that actors think of series Matchmaker ? Curiously, truth? My today`s selection is completely devoted to these series. And at the end of article we will talk about the young actor Sasha Siguyev who perfectly played a role of the son of the main character, Gosha.

Matchmaker - series, which genre - the ironic melodrama. And the featured actress Anna Bolshova speaks: Matchmaker - it is not a sitcom, but melodramatic history with a comedy shade. All plots - the stories based on real events . Way of shooting - dock - fikshn when work is conducted by two chambers, at the same time more often the operator holds a chamber on a shoulder, than on a support, - was chosen purposefully, from here certain stylistics of documentary shooting, effect of peeping behind how life in marriage agency rages.

At 35 - summer Anna Polonskaya private life did not develop. Its marriage broke up, it one brings up the ten-year-old son to Gosh (to Alexander Siguyev ). Clever by nature and active at heart, Anna, as well as many middle managers, appeared the life driven into ruthless recurrence and got used to loneliness. But in the big city lonely hearts look for each other. Once Anna decides to open marriage agency.

- My heroine - the most real matchmaker, - Anna Bolshova considers. - Such as Natalya Gundareva in the movie Lonely the hostel " is provided;.

Its working day is not located in days. Its office smoothly changes the place of dislocation: apartment, restaurant, car... Its phone calls almost continuously. Work - her life, and impossible it tries to make possible. Polonskaya meets all applicants personally. She observes ethics and keeps information received from potential grooms and brides a secret. Gradually before it the kaleidoscope of modern heroes of the big city reveals: the relatively young or aging bachelors, widows, razvedyonka with children, provincial little girls with dream to marry the oligarch, adventurers, businessmen, foreigners from around the world, and sometimes and the married people wishing simply to diversify the life...

Except Polonskaya in agency work the young photographer Maxim known as Bluetooth ( Peter Sekawiza ) and the secretary Nina Petrovna ( Lyudmila Gavrilova ), she is the Chrysanthemum, still there is a psychologist Roman sighing for it (to Rustem Yuskayev ).

- I think, this subject is really actual today, fortunately or unfortunately, - the actress says. - Marriage agencies are an alternative to the Internet. I would tell that it is better, than the Internet, the marriage agency gives to people the chance to communicate alive, to meet at once. If it is honest, nobody ever brought together me, and I brought together nobody. But I know that some people owing to various circumstances are forced to get acquainted thus, and I heard that similar acquaintances happen successful, someone really finds so the destiny. You know, all my colleagues from theater, the show " now; Stars on " ice; and just acquaintances do not give me pass and constantly sneer: Bolshova, well give, arrange us private life! . Probably, really it is necessary to open marriage agency. Only for a start it is necessary to shoot film!

Matchmaker has to become the long project. So far it is about one hundred series, but maybe it is more of them. Everything depends on reaction of spectator audience. So, we will watch stories of search of personal happiness year, and even it is more. Perhaps, these stories will seem someone acquaintances, and someone will find in them the solution of the problems. But here the owner of agency, according to producers, will not equip private life within series, otherwise interest in it will quickly be gone. She will organize life of other lonely hearts.

The question-answer

to You is pleasant to be removed?

Sasha Siguyev:

- Of course! It is my destiny!

The film group worships the ten-year-old rascal. And it is pleasant to the fellow that directors (them in To the Matchmaker four) allow to jump, play the fool and be naughty on a shooting stage - its improvised hooliganism organically fits into a plot.

You are similar to your character?

Peter Sekawiza:

- I same windy, as Maxim. And here really I not could work in marriage agency. Just would begin to fall in love with clients!

Your relatives watch the soap opera?

Anna Bolshova:

- Yes, I have in a family the most strict audience. Therefore I always with some caution ask: Well as? It is not a shame? . This time the sister Elena told: Culturally. Adequately . Means, everything is normal. I do not manage to watch the soap opera, and it is advisable to see himself from outside. I agreed that once a week to me will dump the finished shooting material on a disk.

By the way why Anna Polonskaya has no private life?

- So more interestingly - the shoemaker`s wife is the worst shod... By the way, rather private life of Anna, her relationship with the psychologist all of us have a heap of options. It is pleasant that creators of the movie gave installation - you drag all the ideas, we will paint and use. There is a lot of series, everything will fit!

And now as I also promised at the beginning of article, I want to talk about the young actor of series Sasha Siguyev. This young man is very popular. He managed to act in many movies and series! Alexander Was born on November 29, 1996

. Winner of the competition I am the " model; in the nomination I Witz Mister (2001).


since three years Sasha Siguyev showed magnificent artistic qualities. During the period from September 11 to December 4, 2000 Sasha was trained in model studio Renaissance . The studied objects: fashion show, acting skills, choreography. The demonstrator of clothes and the model received vocational training in the specialty. In 2001 won at the competition Future Model .

Sasha was removed in advertizing of many known products: Babayevo " chocolate; Red Ap " croutons; Kiriyeshki " cheese; Valio In total on its account about three tens commercials.


At film Sasha for the first time acted in at six-year age. He played a leading role - Antoshki in V. Krasnopolsky`s picture Present me life .

B thanks to the company of FILMBOKS (which posted Sasha`s photos on the website) the boy were noticed 2003 by creators of series Poor Nastya also invited to a role of the tsarevitch Mikhail. Sasha was approved practically at once. To work he was lucky at one platform with the famous directors and professional actors.

Then works in pictures followed: Uzky Bridge (role of the boy Kirill, son of the main characters), Thumbelina (a role of the flying Elf), a leading role in the movie General`s Children You hear me (an episode - the boy with a dog).

Besides study at school Sasha is engaged in painting, learns English. At present it is engaged in series Matchmaker .


2003 Present me life

2003 the Father

2003 Poor Nastya - series

2004 Penek

2004 Uzky Bridge - Thumbelina

2005 Children of the general

2005 You me hear series


2006 the Real Father Frost

2007 the Matchmaker - series