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Competition SUPRA - we speak one " language;

Tasty sacivi or fiskebollar? Borsch with dumplings or vishisuaz? Baklava or brauniz? Participants of the website of Shkolazhizni should define geography of this gastronomic travel. ru - your competitive articles with recipes of dishes of various national cuisines will also become the main points of our route. Be not afraid of difficulties of the translation: cookery language - the most universal and tasty language on the planet!

And, of course, the most interesting travelers are waited by awards:

The author of culinary article - the winner will receive as a gift the SUPRA MCS crock-pot - 5201. This useful novelty for your kitchen not only will quickly and tasty prepare any dish, but also, thanks to the voice assistant, aloud will prompt the optimum modes and ways of preparation. Of course, this assistant speaks one language with all fans of house cookery!

But there is more to come, your future assistant in kitchen has a mass of other useful properties:

High-quality Korean antiprigarny covering of an internal bowl;

the Possibility of creation and preservation in memory of a multvarka of own recipes;

Convenience of carrying by means of the lower handles or the top handle;

Informative color LED display;

Touch management;

Voice assistant;

Multicook and Multicook plus.

the Author whose work will take the second place, will receive as a gift the SUPRA MCS crock-pot - 5202 .

Future prima of your kitchen has not smaller advantages:

High-quality Korean ceramic internal covering of a bowl;

the Possibility of creation and preservation in memory of a multvarka of own recipes;

Voice assistant;

20 automatic programs on the display;

Convenience of carrying by means of the lower handles or the top handle;

More than 1000 settings on each program;

Multicook and Multicook plus, 10 steps;

Possibility of shutdown of autoheating. the Owner of the honourable third place will also not remain to

without remarkable prize. As a gift to it - the SUPRA MCS crock-pot - 5121 . This bronze beauty is good not only externally, but also is full of useful abilities:

12 programs of autopreparation: all types of grain, milk porridge, dishes on couple, soups, stewed dishes, a grill, fried dishes, pastries, pizza, desserts, jam, pilaf;

the spoon, a volumetric glass are included In the package the container for preparation on couple;

bowl Volume - 5 l;

the delay Timer - 24 hours.

of the Photo of each of prize-winning products - in gallery of article near the text.

Life opens this competition in the commonwealth with the Supra brand.

of SUPRA - one of leaders of the market of electronics in Russia. At the moment SUPRA plants produce more than 10 000 models of production: microwaves and crock-pots, Smart - TVs, tablet computers, vacuum cleaners, car DVRs, a radar - detectors and many other things. The separate directions of brand - ware from the Japanese steel and aluminum, ceramic, Damask and titanic knives, lighting engineering and the climatic equipment.

Basic provisions of the competition SUPRA - we speak one " language;

In the competition SUPRA - we speak one " language; all registered users * the informative magazine " take part; Shkolazhizni. ru published the article meeting conditions of a competition and narrating about recipes of any ethnic cuisine during the period from July 28 to August 29 inclusive.

For the publication of competitive articles for this period will create the special section SUPRA - we speak one " language; - the publication in it will demonstrate that you give material as the application for a competition.

Information on reception of material is inclusion of article in the main issue of the " magazine; Shkolazhizni. ru . For holding a competition the amount of materials in the main release can be increased at the discretion of edition of a resource.

of the Requirement to competitive materials

the Name of article has to contain a look question How to prepare the name of a dish ? . Such heading can independently exist, and can be added with the phrase developing a subject.

the Text of article has to include the short story about dish geography: about to what regional kitchen it belongs and than it is characteristic, and also the recipe - with the detailed step-by-step description of preparation.

Additional descriptions - for example, the dietary value of a dish, the photo of its preparation or a ready dish, we leave to the discretion of authors. However the more stoutly, prorabotanny your material will also be more detailed, the it is more at it than chances of a victory.

basic provisions of requirements to articles informative the Internet - the " magazine extend To competitive materials; Shkolazhizni. ru . Winners of a competition are defined by

as follows:

the Winner who won first place is defined by the jury consisting of editorial office of the " company; Medio .

of the Winner whose work will take the second place, will define the choice of representatives of the SUPRA brand.

of the Winner whose work will take the third place, will define the material rating given by readers (as of the competition final - 24 - 00 hours on August 29).

Each author can declare any number of suitable articles on a competition. However only one material from one author can be among winners.

Each reader of the informative magazine has the right for article assessment. The opinion of users will be considered during the summing up and the choice of one of winners therefore do not forget to vote for the materials which were pleasant to you. At the same time we ask to vote correctly for works of all participants - to vote within expression of the opinion on material, but not for the sake of artificial creation of a separation of certain materials from other competitive works. In case of identification of similar actions, the participant, in whose advantage (and, perhaps whose forces) carried out a manipulation by ratings, it will be disqualified, in case of recurrent actions the suspension of access to a resource can expect it.

resolved competent public relations of competitive works (as own, and those that it were pleasant to you) on social networks and on the third-party websites. However we ask to follow at the same time all rules of third-party resources and not to post the reference to the works on the websites by which rules similar actions are forbidden.

Results of a competition are not subject to negative discussion in any form.

Delivery of a prize will be carried out across the territory of the Russian Federation at the expense of the organizer. The winners living outside Russia can win a prize to the address of the family or friends living in the Russian Federation. For delivery of a prize we will need the following coordinates of the winner: a surname, a name, a phone number and the exact address with an index.


* representatives of edition of the

resource ** time of start and end of a stage - Moscow cannot participate In a competition