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Made a body - walk safely! How to find a beautiful figure?

Actually are much safer to walk in an ugly body, than in beautiful. Nobody will stick with the questions How to go to library? and What is the time? (phrase What time is it now? our men for some reason do not love); nobody will be enough for soft places, risking to be hit in an eye the place rigid; nobody will smack the lips osuzhdayushche, looking at too long legs in too short skirt

But it is more pleasant to i to live in a beautiful body. Unfortunately, you will not argue with it. And it would be desirable. Because all have a beautiful body not. And whether somebody has it in general? Always suspected that Halle Berri and Scarlett Johansen are not real women, but work of masters Photoshop Well does not happen in the nature of such round buttocks and harmonous legs!

Or happens? To take, for example, me. It seems and anything so. Only here and here to clean a little, and here slightly - slightly to add, and still to call the plastic surgeon, and let all will cut off superfluous on figs! Well or at least to put a hamster - that otgryz everything that does not enter in 90 - 60 - 90

But the surgeon will not come, and I have no hamster. Means, as usual - all, all the hands moreover and in the conditions of catastrophic lack of time for gyms and shaping - classes.

Well, went. More precisely, ran it (will be so more effective) - step by step to a beautiful body.

the Step 1

Is decided that it is necessary to us. We resolve then not to change the mind and be ashamed of the weakness. the Step 2 Well you do


? Why you gorged on before going to bed yesterday? (I will hold back, as itself it was indulged with sandwich at eleven in the evening ) It is necessary to solve once again: the figure - is more important than pleasures. By the way, somebody knows why the body is called a figure? The square is a figure too... But we do now other figure therefore... the Step 3

we Are defined


what we, actually, want. To grow thin or stout? Or both at the same time? Or there will be enough simple strengthening of muscles (and at the same time and will powers)? the Step 4

we Buy by

(we take in library) as much as possible glossy magazines and books of the " type; The Ideal figure in two weeks (words two weeks we cross out at once, and for the rest the printing word can believe). We go on-line and we gather in the searcher beautiful body or harmonous legs or strong buttocks and though the best ankle of the Universe - generally, what it would be desirable to see on himself. In found we look for the magic words fitness and shaping .

We look for (any more not on the Internet) the good trainer and we ask consultation. We speak with the girlfriend who suddenly found a slender waist, and at the same time and to steam of new admirers. In a word, we use all sources of information what it is possible, and on their basis we form a set of exercises which not laziness will periodically carry out.

the Step 5

bought a sports suit - so expensive and beautiful as far as means allow. Also it will not be necessary any more to persuade to play sports. The toad who will smother any normal person at thought about in vain spent - if a suit is not used for designated purpose - money, it is more terrible, than daily jogs or approaches to dumbbells. The same concerns exercise machines. If there is opportunity - get. You do not assume that they stood idle?

the Step 6

we Show a suit and the exercise machine to girlfriends and colleagues. In - the first, let will envy (agree, others envy - a pleasant thing), and in - the second, it would be quite good that they periodically were interested as there is a process of a telosozdaniye. It is possible even to involve them in weekly measurements of volume of a waist. Here again will play a psychological factor: if you want that it was not a shame before friends, - - you will be engaged in bondage in will.

Step 7

Actually, step. Even several steps. Also it is necessary to pass, at last, them to make a body! To the nearest park with racetracks - only several meters (it at me if you have more, I sympathize, but I cannot help), to the dumbbells which are carefully put in a room corner right after brought from shop and that are less. The main thing - to begin, then it will be easier. Then is a day through three when the body gets used to continuous trainings and will not collapse in the mornings (such feeling arises after sharp familiarizing with sport).

You ask: and where diet? Also receive the logical answer - at the nutritionist. Here than - what, and in experiments with food without consultation of the expert it is better not to be engaged. Eventually, we want to create a beautiful body, but not to ruin it finally. And the fact that fruit and vegetables it is more useful than some candies and chebureks all and is so known. So allow not to mention it - as well as undesirability night having a snack fast - feet and other pleasures of fat forgive, lives.

When all steps are successfully passed And never. Let`s argue that having begun to do a body you will not be able to stop any more? To perfection, unlike a waist, limits should not be.