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How to learn to be convincing?

Ability to convince the interlocutor of correctness of the words, and especially quickly, a difficult task.

But nevertheless, it is very important and vital skill. And it just is extremely necessary to you in case you decided not just to work demagogy, and want to receive accurately planned result from dialogue.

Of course, it will be possible to become suddenly the professional negotiator to you hardly. But application of several simple councils by you can increase easily many times perceptibility of your words and consequently, to increase productivity of your life.

Before I began to apply these simple things, nobody perceived my words seriously and often and at all wanted to listen. I tried to make something with it: tried to speak more and more loudly, to apply abstruse words and difficult terms.

But all this only worsened situation. Because actually I only stubborn was in a stupor and what can be more pernicious?

Eventually I came that learned and began to apply a number of simple rules which I follow still in the necessary situations.

1. Accurately define the desirable end result.

2. Be sincerely.

3. Smile.

4. Try to be short.

5. Learn features of human psychology and perception.

Let`s consider each of points a little in more detail and then questions and half-words we will almost not have.

Agree? It`s cool!

1. When you refuse phrase-mongering and well know what you want to achieve, you have a serious advantage at once. And it is the main key moment without which all the rest loses any meaning. At you all garbage from the head then there are only those words and thoughts which are most pertinent at present in this situation automatically takes off. It allows you to reach concentration right at the beginning, and also to remain adequate and responsible for all necessary period.

2. Perhaps nothing can so quickly and easily ruin any relations as lie and hypocrisy. Though having a little felt falseness, your interlocutor can even without obviously visible reason send you where far away, having left with the lips bitten from disappointment and a heap of unfulfilled hopes.

3. Still I did not meet easier and available way to make good impression and to gain the interlocutor, than a faint sincere smile. Only it has to be not the malicious smile and especially not a haughty grin. Otherwise the effect will be opposite.

4. When we express the thoughts by means of words, we put a certain amount of energy in each word. You for certain noticed that one words work stronger than others. And one of the reasons of it is the fact that in one words it is enclosed it is more than energy, than in others. And the we pronounce less words, the each our word becomes more powerful and stronger.

the Conclusion arises by itself: try to pronounce exactly so many words how many it is necessary, and any have more. Remember that each excess word is the energy dissipated for nothing. Before learned about it, I often suffered speech diarrhea and all was surprised why nobody listens to me. And after I sharply reduced a speech traffic, with surprise found out how to me the relation considerably changed. You do not trust? Check!

5. That the picture was full, I am simply obliged to mention one important point. It was at us the last according to the list, but not on the importance at all. I will tell in a different way. If you seriously intend to try to obtain success in negotiations, you surely have to study the main motives of behavior of people. Once having devoted

several hours to studying of the necessary materials, subsequently you will save plenty of time which, as we know, is more expensive than money. Any worthy businessman makes decisions, proceeding from saving of time, but not money. Though what prevents you to put the first brick of your great success?

Even risking to be banal, I will tell that it is obviously not enough one reading for receiving result. You need to act because even the one and only action will give you more, than hundred readings.

And me there is a strong wish that you derived real benefit from all aforesaid, and I will be very glad if I could be to you though in something useful here.

Act and win on all fronts!