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What do we know about Valery Obodzinsky? Part 1

Valery Obodzinsky was born in Odessa, on Malaya Arnautskaya Street, on January 24, 1942 when the city was occupied by fascists.

In 1949 Valera went to school, however studied hardly: to the head did not go on a hungry stomach of a task and examples. Together with domestic punks almost daily went on business . Crowds of vacationers, and gang dexterously " gathered on the Odessa beaches; cleaned pockets public, and the part " was assigned to Valera; otvlekala . Possessing a fine voice, he sang popular smash hits of those of years, accompanying himself on a contrabass which mastered the self-educated person. Audience listened openmouthed and young pilferers successfully used it. Production was divided equally. Thieves` environment acquainted Obodzinsky with alcohol. For the first time he strongly got drunk in 15 years and since then long could not wean from an addiction.

After school Obodzinsky some time worked as the fireman at the steamship, then became the animator on sunk subsequently Admiral Nakhimov . At the beginning of 60 - x he went to Tomsk where came to musical school on a contrabass class, then got a job in local philharmonic hall. Then for the first time began to act with concerts as the professional singer. Several years worked in concert crews of Tomsk and other cities of Siberia. In 1961 got acquainted with Nelya Kravtsova, the captain`s daughter Azerbaijan . She became his wife and gave birth to it to two girls - Anjelica and Valeria.

The honored artist Mari

the meeting with Pavel Shakhnarovich which Took place in 1964 abruptly changed the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic Obodzinsky`s life.

I worked in Oleg Lundstrem`s orchestra. Once, being on affairs in Norilsk, saw in one of concerts of the boy who played a contrabass and very pleasantly sang. It was Obodzinsky whom nobody then knew. I, having arrived to Moscow, recommended it to Lundstrem. Work in Lundstrem`s orchestra taught the singer to much, but the main thing - it made him the professional. Besides, he struck up the mass of new acquaintances in a capital musical party. However, venerable composers flatly refused to work with of humble origin the singer, therefore generally young authors gave him the songs. The first success came to Obodzinsky in Bulgaria with the song The Moon on the solar coast . Three years later Valery accepted the offer to pass into the Donetsk philharmonic hall. In the same 1967 - m it went to two-month tour tour Krasnoyarsk - Tomsk - Khabarovsk - Vladivostok, concerts went over with invariable success. Then he was recognized by all country .

At 60-70 - x years Valery Obodzinsky was one of the most popular singers of the Soviet Union. It rushed on a variety Olympus, having left far behind recognized coryphaeuses of the Soviet song - Iosif Kobzon, Eduard Khil, Vadim Mulerman, Yury Gulyaev. Its songs These eyes opposite East song Sorcery remember and love still. Muslim Magomayev was the only singer who could though somehow to compete with Obodzinsky.

The singer`s administrator Pavel Shakhnarovich tells: I Will give such figures for comparison: in Zaporizhia at Magomayev of 8 concerts, for a circle of 89 percent of fillability of the hall. We give in 10 days of 14 concerts, the notice, plus still of percent 20 we sell entrance. An official concert rate it had 13 rubles 50 kopeks plus any extra charges. As a result about 40 rubles for a concert turned out. At the peak of the glory Obodzinsky earned in 10 times more of the secretary of regional committee of party. And the part of concerts was made out officially, and part - from " funds; local philharmonic hall. Of course, such things were not encouraged. Therefore instead of the honored artist of Russia to him gave the honored artist Mari to the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic .

The Father - mother Russians, and I am Jew

However the career of an actor of the singer developed far not cloudlessly. To take at least that it was mercilessly cut out from all television programs. The poet Leonid Derbenyov told how once the chairman of Gosteleradio Lapin, looking through finished shooting for New Year`s Spark material, shouted: Clean Town! What it was objected to: Yes it is not Gradsky, this is Obodzinsky! Especially clean! - the chairman vzjyaritsya even more. - One Kobzon " will be enough for us;. Many for some reason considered Obodzinsky as the Jew, and he joked about it: I have a father - mother Russians, and I am Jew .

The first plate of Obodzinsky left at the end of 60 - x years with a circulation of 13 million. And right there became a rarity. The state earned about 30 million sound Soviet rubles from it, the author`s fee of the singer made 150 rubles.

With growth of popularity it was criticized even more often in official publications. It was not pleasant that he sings about love, and about love not to party and not to the Soviet power, and still behaves on a scene too on - western, that is it is unchained. In 1971 Obodzinsky`s concert was attended by the Minister of Culture of RSFSR Popov. To his indignation there was no limit: And it is called the Soviet singer! I will not suffer such Westernism! Right there relevant authorities were given the order not to resolve Obodzinsky`s concerts within the Russian Federation at all. This ban lasted about a year until the head of department of culture of the Central Committee of CPSU Shauro who liked Valery`s creativity interposed in the matter. Soon Obodzinsky became " again; entrance to Russia. And still ill-wishers at the singer was much more, than friends. The chief of municipal government of culture of Moscow, having learned that at Variety theater within a month Obodzinsky will act, called the director and demanded to reduce concerts to a week. At us even Raikin does not give So many concerts! - the voice of the angered official rattled in a tube. - And here some Obodzinsky with trite repertoire! The Minister of Culture of the USSR Ekaterina Furtseva was negative to the singer also.

Let`s notice good the Only person who was not afraid to tell

several kind words to the disgraced singer, and not in private conversation, and in the " newspaper; Soviet culture there was a master of a domestic platform Nikita Bogoslovsky. Article published on March 22, 1974 was called Let`s notice good .

We did not hear Valery Obodzinsky on capital platforms long ago. A few years ago it was fairly subjected to serious criticism, generally for cheap manner of performance, for lightness of repertoire.

told the Last concert about much. The actor obviously reconsidered the creative positions. Except for two - three works the repertoire it is noted by good taste, gradually there is an individual hallmark of the singer, the manner. In everything self-criticism, insistence to themselves are felt.

the creative companion of the singer is the Second year vokalno - tool " ensemble; Loyal friends (the head is Yury Shcheglov). Eleven musicians making this collective perfectly own several musical instruments (almost all of them with the higher music education) and tactfully help vocal accompaniment to the soloist. They perfectly sang the Russian national song Whether I Will go, there will be I and D. Tukhmanov`s song (V. Kharitonov`s word) As this world " is beautiful;.

Valery Obodzinsky sang more than 15 songs in a concert. It is pleasant that the majority of them successful. I cannot but note also the fact that songs are, as a rule, written on good verses and that the actor informs the listener of all difficulties of shades and poetry, and music.

That is good, is good. So let`s notice good!

To be continued