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What do stars know about gifts?

On the horizon loom the next holiday, and all of you still puzzle and suffer the one and only thought: what to present to that is in honor of that-?

the Benefit if the loved one whose tastes you davny - managed to learn long ago by heart needs to pick up a gift. And what if the gift needs to be granted to the unfamiliar person? Matter of course, you, alas, understand nothing his preferences that complicates already difficult task much. It is necessary or to run and collect information necessary for you with persistence of the detective, or to try to pick up a gift taking into account date of birth of the person. Namely, taking into account its zodiac sign.


It is known that nature quick-tempered and passionate. Being under the influence of Mars and the Sun, people of this sign differ in thirst for the continued movement and the new horizons. They, whatever one may do, constantly need to put the energy in any it is useful - interesting business. Therefore that which will cause in them interest in the beginning of a new hobby - that hobby capable to undertake part of energy will become the best gift for Arieses. Presenting a gift, surely paper it brightly - red color. This color symbolizes ognennost a sign it is also considered optimum.

A Taurus

Strangely enough, Tauruses not only, to put it mildly, the rested zodiac sign (as all horned ) but also terribly sentimental. They appreciate homeliness, comfort and harmony therefore an excellent gift for them will become that thing which without effort will fit into an interior of their house, it is favorable it having embellished. Moreover, at Tauruses esthetic vision is perfectly developed. They are not indifferent to all fine on what, actually, and it is possible to leave . To representatives of this sign various objects of art, jewelry or couple of tickets for an exhibition will be to the taste to


Air Twins - a unique person of communication. What is not surprising, this sign is directly connected with the House of Communication! It can also use, having presented to the Twin the cell phone or the beautiful daily log with the telephone book Besides skill to communicate also the considerable judiciousness is inherent in Twins, they learn the world by means of the intelligence. Here books, encyclopedias or fascinating movies will come to the rescue.


Sentimental and sensitive representatives of this sign appreciate warmth, sincerity and warm-heartedness. Huge value for Cancers knows house and everything that is connected with it. They with big pleasure will accept a gift which is capable to turn their dwelling into a cozy nest. Soft slippers, a dressing gown or fluffy mittens will become an excellent gift for Cancers.

A lion Royal manners unmistakably distinguish to

Lev from all other zodiac signs. Lions are tsars (or tsarevnas) therefore also a gift they need to pick up corresponding. Any cheap knickknacks or unnecessary bagatelles! Better it is less, but it is better, as they say. Pick up to Lev a small, but qualitative gift: let it will be only the handle, but - from a famous brand.

The maiden Know

that not all Maidens are organized, punctual and accurate (though, of course, and such meet). Therefore, you should not go in cycles in practical gifts for the house, office, a garden - a kitchen garden, etc. It is so boring!

of the Maiden - a terrestrial sign which thinly feels the nature and world around. Moreover, the Maiden is not offended by intelligence and tests strong thirst for all fine. From it it is also necessary to dance. The maiden, especially the woman, gifts - jewelry from a tree and skin will please, interesting books, means on leaving on the basis of curative herbs. And just the invitation in theater.


Representatives of this sign are drawn towards people, to society and are interested in what occurs around more, than by itself. They are excellent friends that can be emphasized, having presented them a beautiful photograph album or an original notebook. Scales are not indifferent to any sort to entertainments therefore a joint visit of movie theater, the amusement park or an aquapark will become for them a pleasant surprise.

A scorpion

the Scorpion, by right, is considered the most mysterious and mystical zodiac sign. And gifts prefers corresponding. An ideal gift for the Scorpion - that which reserves the right for mystery. For example, the ring or a suspension bracket presented by you as a charm, representatives of this sign will appreciate. One more important detail: the gift has to be surely packed! Create some kind of intrigue: than more time will be required for initialization a gift, it is better for those.

as gift packing will approach paper of scarlet, crimson or yellow flowers which are favorable for this zodiac sign.

A Sagittarius

Cheerful and sociable Sagittariuses are ready to have fun in the days without a break! They like to travel as in dreams, and in reality. Some kind of adventurers, Sagittariuses will come to full delight from the plane tickets presented by you, the train or the steamship! And it is unimportant where you decided to take away them though in sanatorium, the fact of an adventure is important! In the conditions of deficiency of time allowed for travel, representatives of this sign can present symbolically focused gift. It can be souvenirs from the distant countries, nice traveling bags, generally, all that reminds of the distant countries and change of places.

A goat Representatives of this sign are extremely ambitious, resolute

and in own way are rested following traditions horned in the Zodiac circle. Being a terrestrial sign, the Capricorn is practical and realistic. It in no time will calculate prestigious and expensive gifts from all others. It is difficult to please it, but it is possible. The best gift for the Capricorn will become practical (!) and its workplace is competent to organize the beautiful bagatelles capable (or to embellish). It is very important that the gift was executed from expensive and qualitative materials (or, at least, seemed to that). Otherwise it can be rejected.

The Aquarius Inconstancy of Aquarius is shown by

in all spheres of his life! It is easy to carry away representatives of this sign something new, but, having penetrated into an idea essence, they quickly cool down and are let on searches of novel. Aquariuses like to shock and be the focus of attention. They are interested in all that is bright, fashionable and excentric. In this connection, the good gift for Aquarius will appear fancy computer or mobile phone (exclusively latest model), stylish and bright accessory Generally, all that will tell about them as about the people who are keeping up to date.


of the Small fish, being thin and sensitive natures, will appreciate the gifts stimulating their creative activity. Paints, the collection of beautiful music or an unusual picture can become suitable gifts for them. Do not forget that Fishes - a water sign therefore the gifts connected with these elements by all means will be to the taste to them. Floating candles, fragrant bath foam, a set for visit of a bath - the fact that it is necessary! Also do not forget about effect of surprise, Fishes just adore surprises!