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Fetid odor from a mouth, whether an occasion it for concern? Part 1. The Role of smells in our life it is difficult to overestimate the reasons of

. Many likes and dislikes arise under the influence of a smell though often we do not even think of it. The smell from a mouth can spoil to the person life: he will not be employed, with him will not want to continue acquaintance, colleagues at conversation will try to turn away or be removed far away.

As a rule, the owner it does not catch a fetid odor from a mouth, he got used to it long ago. The fetid odor from a mouth is an alarm signal: something in an organism not as it should be. Both the disease of a stomach, and pathology the ENT SPECIALIST - bodies can be the cause of a fetid odor. However first of all it is worth addressing the stomatologist.

Pay attention to language. Not incidentally doctors call it stomach mirror . Dense white or yellow color the raid testifies to trouble in system of digestion and itself can be a source of a heavy smell. Consult to the gastroenterologist, he will appoint to you a certain diet. Will advise to clean a toothbrush not only teeth, but also language.

At chronic gastritis with the lowered acidity digestion of albumens is slowed down. The reception of gastric juice recommended by the doctor, fermental preparations will allow to get rid also of a smell. A smell from a mouth - one of gullet diverticulum symptoms (meshkovidny protrusion of a wall of a gullet). The sour smell is possible at stomach ulcer of a stomach and 12 - the perstny gut which is followed by the increased acidity of gastric contents. Specific smells, for example, of acetone have to guard at a diabetic coma, ammonia in case of a renal failure at diseases of kidneys; a putrefactive smell at abscess of a lung or a bronkhoektatichesky illness (in the formed pockets of bronchial tubes pus accumulates). Such smells - a reason for the immediate address to the doctor.

As a rule, the smell from a mouth accompanies diseases of gums, existence of tooth deposits, interdental pockets. The teeth affected with caries can cause a smell from a mouth too. If at the person is so-called pockets - pathological deepenings in interdental intervals, in them usually get stuck the food remains, it is impossible to remove them practically therefore rotting process begins. It is followed by pains, an inflammation and, naturally, a smell. No toothpastes will help here. It is necessary that the stomatologist cleaned in total from pockets also carried out the treatment promoting their full healing.

In stomatologic practice often there are cases when it is enough only one removal of scales that the fetid odor from a mouth disappeared. The matter is that the scale is impregnated with pathogenic microorganisms which cause not only an inflammation of tissues of gum, but also smell very unpleasantly. When the smell is connected with diseases of solid tissues of teeth or tissues of a gum, everything is solved rather simply: it is necessary to carry out sanitation, that is full improvement of an oral cavity, and the problem will be solved. Only the desire and patience of the person is necessary.

However there are situations when the fetid odor from a mouth has more difficult reason. For example, at some diseases of salivary glands the necessary amount of saliva, or saliva too viscous does not come to an oral cavity. It leads to violation of processes of a samoochishchayemost of an oral cavity, as is followed by a fetid odor. Badly smell and many diseases of mucous. In these cases concrete recommendations will be made only by the doctor.

To be continued