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What happened in Entebbe? Release of hostages. Operation Jonathan

the Success of this operation was so on - Hollywood improbable that directly about it several movies were shot. Besides, plots of some other movies were based partially on these events (for example, The Delta Force with Chuck Norris in a leading role).

On June 27, 1976 four terrorists seized the Air France plane, flight 139 Tel - Abibus - Athens - Paris. In Athens this day there was a strike of land personnel therefore the police did not complicate itself even elementary control. Four passengers entered the flight " aboard the plane; 139 without having passed through the control turnstiles checking existence of metal objects. Their baggage was not looked through too...

Soon after a departure from there, threatening with guns and grenades, they forced crew to fly to Libya where with assistance of the Arab brothers the plane was filled for more distant flight - to Uganda. The local dictator Idi Amin was in arrangement to terrorists and ugandiysky soldiers rendered them all assistance. Hostages arranged in the building of the old terminal of Entebbe city airport. After that the selection based not so much on nationality how many on surnames - all non Jewish passengers were released was made. There were 105 Jews, from them 77 Israelis.

The world flew about the story about the old woman with number of a nazi concentration camp tattooed on a hand which was through an oversight released together with 47 lucky persons. People repeated her words:

I felt as I 32 years ago when I heard the German orders, saw automatic machines... I saw chains of prisoners, heard a sharp hail: Jews, to the right! And I thought: what`s the use in existence of Israel if all this can repeat and today? by

to the Government of Israel delivered the ultimatum with the requirement to release 53 condemned terrorists. In case of its non-performance within 48 hours promised to begin to kill hostages. During negotiations it was succeeded to postpone performance term until July 4.

All this time soldiers of elite parts on fight against terror rehearsed over and over again lightning storm of the old terminal. Its design was well-known as Israelis also constructed it in due time (in the period of friendship with Africa or, more precisely, the help to Africa as the friendship was unilateral). Mossad received additional information on the structure of the airport and its defense at the African agents.

Being for three and a half thousand kilometers from Israel, in the heart of Africa, terrorists felt in perfect security. And it is vain.

on July 3 four huge " Oat-flakes; loaded soldiers of elite parts, took off for Uganda. They should fly more than seven hours and at the disposal of them there was only one evening therefore the departure took place when the government still conducted debate - to resolve it or not. In case of the negative decision planes would return back. But midway they received good.

In special units of Israel Defense Forces selected two hundred first-class fighters. They were divided into five groups. Many Israelis happened to serve in Uganda when this state still was in friendship with Israel. The Israeli instructors participated in training of ugandiysky army. Now their knowledge of Uganda was useful. Photos of the airport were thoroughly studied. Besides, the new idea was born at those who planned operation when they watched the amateur movie about Idi Amin`s arrival in black " Mercedes; accompanied by the jeep to air terminal of Entebbe. Among the equipment which they carried in bellies huge Herculean there was black Mercedes, just the same, as at the dictator Idi Amin. It was necessary for strengthening of effect of suddenness.

The general Dan Schomron directed carrying out this operation, it was called Lightning and justified this name. After seven-hour flight Gerkulesa reached Entebbe, and the first of them landed in a tail of the English cargo plane which got just a landing permit. As soon as chassis concerned a landing strip, fighters of a vanguard jumped off on the earth. They placed along a strip reserve fires if Ugandans will switch off lighting. One of the most promising young Israeli officers, the lieutenant colonel Jonathan (Yoni) Netanyahu ordered fighters of special troops .

" Oat-flakes; stopped in a far corner of an airfield, and drove off from it " Mercedes; and two jeeps. In a roar of motors of the English transport plane the noise published by the Israeli paratroopers sank. Three cars with the burning headlights moved in the direction of the old building of the airport. Approximately in hundred steps from the building the way to cars was barred by two ugandiysky soldiers. One of them, having guided on " Mercedes; a rifle, ordered to stop. The yonis and one more officer shot at the soldier from guns with mufflers and neutralized him.

Paratroopers jumped out of cars and ran to the building. One door was closed from within. Therefore, contrary to the initial plan, all group rushed to other door. Fighters rushed into the hall where there were hostages. The terrorist protecting the right wing of the hall opened fire and was killed on the spot. Two more terrorists in the left wing, the man and the woman - the German, were also killed. Then the shot struck the fourth car thief who stood in the depth of the hall.

Since that moment as the Yoni shot at the ugandiysky soldier, and before elimination of four terrorists protecting hostages there passed all fifteen seconds . Did not pass and of hour began later operations as the first plane with the released hostages onboard took off for Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. In forty two minutes from Entebbe the last plane in which there was Shumron took off. Before it Israelis fired from a machine gun and set fire eight ugandiysky MiG .

During operation eight terrorists and several tens ugandiysky soldiers were killed. Two hostages, one of whom, having gone mad for pleasure, jumped on legs died in firefight and rushed towards to soldiers. Seven more hostages were wounded, the others - are safe. One more hostage, Dora Bloch, remained in ugandiysky hospital (where it got earlier) and later was killed by order of Idi Amin. Among the soldiers participating in operation only one died - the lieutenant colonel of elite parts Jonathan Netanyahu , the elder brother of the future prime minister - the minister of Israel. He was fatally wounded by a shot in a back of the ugandiysky sniper when soldiers already left the old terminal.

in honor of it operation received the new name " later; Miwza Jonathan (Operation Jonathan).