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What the area " is known for; Bamboo sea in China?

Those who often travel around China, know such saying: on Hugo - the East look at the sea, on North - the East look at the sea of the woods, on North - the West look at the sea of sand, on Hugo - the West look at the sea of a bamboo. The picturesque area under the name Bamboo sea is in the neighborhood of the city of Ibin of the Province of Sichuan. The area of the area makes 120 square kilometers. Near more than 500 hills covered with a bamboo. The total area of bamboo plantings makes more than 70 thousand square meters - it is really real bamboo sea .

In the area Bamboo sea more than 400 types of a bamboo grow at . Besides listokolosnik who take the main place in the area there are many rare species of a bamboo. So, for example, bamboo Human face . Kolentsa at the majority of types of a bamboo grow horizontally, but at a type of a bamboo Human face they grow not directly. Everyone kolenets is similar to a chubby baby face.

In the area there is a museum of a bamboo where it is possible to see of 58 rare species of a bamboo . The museum was constructed in 1986, it is the China`s first specialized museum of a bamboo. The area of the museum is 3800 square meters . The case of the museum is over water. It is constructed in style of the Chinese architecture. Constructions consist of arbors and pavilions. The employee of the picturesque area Lin Wei told that in the pavilion of bamboo works of art of the museum samples of different types of a bamboo, the bamboo weapon, musical instruments etc. are collected. All these products are made of a local bamboo.

If to leave the museum of a bamboo, and to go along the highway further, it is possible to get to a pond. Its name Haizhonghai in translation, The Sea in the sea . At it seas there are even gate. Actually, it is a memorial arch. It high and beautiful. Haizhonghai is in the low valley. The surface area of water is about 40 thousand square meters. A pond huge and wide, as though the small sea in big bamboo sea .

Being in the picturesque area Bamboo sea that in the southern part of the Province of Sichuan, it is necessary to try local culinary dishes. On holidays local people suit a banquet which is called Panda (the known animal who eats only a bamboo). Its second name - In total from a bamboo . Products for production of dishes directly or indirectly are related to a bamboo. In the menu there are over 100 dishes. Among them there is a soup from bamboo escapes. It is tasty and nutritious. In one of grocery benches on the road the hospitable owner by the name of Zhang persistently suggests to buy one local cookies which are called Huanba . It is prepared from sticky rice, packed by a cover of bamboo escapes, is steamed, very tasty.

Usually the tourists visiting the picturesque area Bamboo sea stop here for several days. It allows them quietly and to slowly admire a unique charm of this place.

Climate here too pleasant. Average temperature in a year about +15 degrees. At different times Bamboo sea looks differently. To the picturesque area it is possible to reach by the intercity bus which goes from the city of Chengdu, an administrative center of the Province of Sichuan. Distance from the city about 330 kilometers. Annually in November and December the entrance ticket to the area cheaper - 60 yuans. In the rest of the time of year it costs 85 yuans. In the territory of the area there are hotels, there go taxi. Products from a bamboo - local souvenirs - can be bought for a collection or as a gift to friends.