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Competition Secrets of summer beauty . How to share secrets of beauty and health and to win natural cosmetics?

Beauty, as we know, terrible force. And summer - the best season and in order that to show it and to share the related secrets and useful tips. Informative magazine Shkolazhizni. ru and online eko - a market 4fresh. ru announce the competition Secrets of summer beauty .

The term of holding a competition and reception of materials - from July 1 to July 31, 2014 . On a competition articles created according to basic provisions about creation of author`s materials for the website Life are accepted. We ask to consider that scope of a competition - rather wide, beauty - it is far not only ability to use decorative cosmetics, but also care of a body and hair, protection against summer troubles - the aggressive sun, stings of insects, too hot weather. And, certainly, all factors of beauty are connected with health, and our health is defined also by what we eat therefore your secrets of the healthy summer nutrition will also become the serious application for a victory in a competition.

Authors of three best materials will be awarded by pleasant prizes.

the Participant of the website whose article will become the best, according to jury of editorial office of the " company; MEDIO the cosmetic " set will receive as a gift; Aroma from the organic British " brand; Organic Surge . The whole set of everything that is necessary for care of a body with magic, tropical aromas of a bergamot. Pleasant additions from Organic Shop also will be a part of a prize.

" set; Memories of summer - a melon from Stenders, a magic box with body lotion, soap and a sphere for a bathtub, given rise in a magnificent garden of feelings, and the advantage and pleasure from Organic Shop will become a gift for the author whose material most of all will be pleasant to to representatives of the sponsor of a competition - online eko - a market 4fresh. ru

the Author whose material narrating about its secrets of summer beauty will receive the greatest number of the highest marks to 24 - 00 on July 31, will become the owner of the third prize - the " set; Cranberry garden from Stenders: perfectly issued gift from cranberry products for a body in the form of the soap and a sphere for a bathtub added with cosmetics from Organic Shop.

Partner of the " magazine; Life. ru within this competition - the reliable conductor to the world of all of the most natural and useful, online eko - a market 4fresh. ru/. From four parts of the world in online eko - a market 4fresh. ru are flown various eko - goods: the most tasty and useful food, natural cosmetics on the basis of natural components, not chemical means for the house, and also vitamins and minerals for immunity and energy of an organism.

the Express - delivery in day of the order

Point of shipment at own expense and show - Rhum

the Most loving and knowing consultants

the strongest packing of parcels when sending by mail across all Russia

the Gift - a surprise in each order

Basic provisions of the competition Secrets of summer beauty

In the competition Secrets of summer beauty all registered users * the informative magazine " take part; Shkolazhizni. ru published the article meeting conditions of a competition and narrating about secrets of summer beauty in the period of from July 1 to July 31 inclusive . For the publication of competitive articles for this period the special heading " is created; Secrets of summer beauty - the publication in it will demonstrate that you give material as the application for a competition. Information on reception of material is inclusion of article in the main issue of the Life magazine. For holding a competition the amount of materials in the main release can be increased at the discretion of edition of a resource.

Each author can declare any number of suitable articles on a competition. However only one material from one author can be among winners.

At the choice of the best materials we will be guided by set of factors: study of the taken subject, style of the narration and, of course, uniqueness of the author`s text. Material at the same time can be devoted as the detailed story about one of beauty secrets, and to be a selection of councils. However in this case all elements of article have to be, despite brevity, full and self-sufficient decisions. We ask not to forget that any choice, whether it be the choice of jury or the choice of users, anyway - is subjective.

Each reader of the informative magazine has the right for article assessment. The opinion of users will be considered during the summing up and the choice of one of winners therefore do not forget to vote for the materials which were pleasant to you. At the same time we ask to vote correctly for works of all participants - to vote within expression of the opinion on material, but not for the sake of artificial creation of a separation of certain materials from other competitive works. In case of identification of similar actions, the participant, in whose advantage (and, perhaps whose forces) carried out a manipulation by ratings, it will be disqualified, in case of recurrent actions the suspension of access to a resource can expect it.

resolved competent public relations of competitive works (as own, and those that it were pleasant to you) on social networks and on the third-party websites. However we ask to follow at the same time all rules of third-party resources and not to post the reference to the works on the websites by which rules similar actions are forbidden.

the Text of a competition should not include direct or indirect advertizing cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other types of production of brands.

the Heading of article has to be the answer on concrete, opened in article, a question. The materials containing abstract or rhetorical questions in headings will not be considered among winners.

Results of a competition are not subject to negative discussion in any form.

Delivery of a prize will be carried out across the territory of the Russian Federation at the expense of the organizer. The winners living outside Russia can win a prize to the address of the family or friends living in the Russian Federation. For delivery of a prize we will need the following coordinates of the winner: a surname, a name, a phone number and the exact address with an index.


* representatives of edition of the

resource ** time of start and end of a stage - Moscow


Attention cannot participate In a competition! the Competition is complete, it is possible to get acquainted with names of winners here.