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Let`s play life?

Very often life give us unpleasant surprises. Swore with parents, problems with the chief, pushed around in the subway. And already mood on zero also you feel disgustingly.

What to do in such situation? Not to pay attention? It is possible if it turns out. And there is also other way - to play life .

So, to each participant of game his life is given, and now all of us are actors in a fascinating performance. All actors treat to each other with sincere love, completely give themselves to game, and all our troupe - the uniform solid collective ready to embody any plan all dear director.

And here, we on a huge scene, where scenery - the whole world. At some moment one of heroes of a performance shows to you neglect, roughly offends you or even beats. And to you at the same time only how thinly he played is important. You can accept any its action and continue game further, you treat the actor with love, remember that he lives the role now and carries out desire of the director.

If you in life manage so And you will manage if you really see life quite so as if life - theater, and all of us in it - actors. Because you understand that behind the visible relations of heroes there are certain deep forces and mechanisms operating purposefully.

A problem only that we so get used to the roles that we forget that all of us play a performance. We so perceive this performance as though it indeed - our life. And in life this hero can give in a forehead like mad, and it will be sick and offensive for me.

How so? We agreed to play life? And how then it is correct to play to me this performance, it is correct to play this life?

As if to read to me and to comprehend all scenario up to the end, to feel all plan of the director, to understand what he wants to transfer to us by all this play?

And he to us wants to transfer the feeling to absolute love .

in principle, our relationship with our spiritual root, with the Director is a game. By means of this game we can learn to feel his desire, we reveal through it in ourselves this love.

And what is love?

The love is an opportunity to forget about herself and all herself to spend for the sake of others, for the sake of something the highest. But if I spend everything, so at me nothing will remain? In it there is also all essence that at me is full of it. And at all it is full, just we do not know about it. We think that we will be spent. We are afraid that at us everything will come to an end if we give something to someone, give ourselves. Nothing at us will come to an end if we unite with a love Source, we will join in a stream of his inexhaustible love!

And without it all our life, really, is similar to a performance or games in a children`s sandbox where we as small children, we are amused, without being tired to find out anew every time who on light of all is stronger, is richer than all, and it is lovelier.

However outside this sandbox such activity is fruitless. If we grew up and we want to leave to the big world, we should seize forces which work there. And only powers of love, return forces work in this big true world.

We can feel presence of love in all that surrounds us. This the pervasive, penetrating everything, breathing around and in us field of love which is ready to be shown in us, for us that we felt it as dictating everything certain laws, felt intensity of this field concerning us. In it is mute all thought of the Director, and it - Love is put.

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