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How to choose competent business - a gift?

the Choice suitable business - a gift - business responsible and as it often happens, to the whole heap reefs . However, even in it there is a place to creativity, non-standard approach and fresh decisions. But at first - several cautions.

First of all give up thought to impress with gift value (if, of course, this is not about the veiled bribe - but about such gifts the speech in this article does not go). Certainly, cheap stuff it is not necessary to give at all, but a gift, directly - shouting about the cost, it is no good too. Competent business - a gift is very qualitative and not cheap thing, but, anyway without unnecessary grandstanding .

Further, you watch that you not brought to the area of too frivolous or ambiguous gifts. Even if you are at close range familiar with responsible for a corporate celebration and even dropped in together in a strip more than once - bars at a leisure, a gift with a hint handed in an official situation, will look, at least, it inappropriate.

Only do not think that as a result of all above described restrictions business - the gift will inevitably turn into something standard, depersonalized and fat-free like a fountain pen or the daily log. At all not! You will be helped out by the originality capable to turn even most standard a gift in a bright and personal gift.

We will take, for an example, such banal things as a notebook, a card holder or the daily log. It would seem that here it is possible to think up original? It appears, it is possible. For example, if yours birthday man works in the field of computers and electronics, he will be surely pleased by a card holder or a notebook with the cover made of printed circuit boards. And if he, say, is fond of diving, it is possible to find one of these accessories in water-proof execution. Of course, it is unlikely the happy owner of such gift will get into waters of the Red Sea or Maldiv with the daily log in a diving suit hip-pocket, but it also should not disturb you. Originality and personalnost your gift by all means will appreciate - and this is important.

Handle, not less standard business - a gift, can become very original gift too - for this purpose to strain imagination rather a little and some time to scrape an immense bottom of the barrel of the Internet. For example, for business - vumen it is quite possible to pick up the handle which is precisely suitable under its style (of course if you are not sure that you well studied fashionable preferences of the addressee of a gift - better not to risk). And it is absolute man`s handles, with strict and even in places brutal design, it is possible to find much now. So options are.

However, it is quite possible that you want to find something more non-standard. It`s cool! Try to look for a suitable gift among things which can be designated conditionally as useful - pieces - which - will be - are pertinent - on - the worker - a table - the head . For example, if the recipient - not convinced nondrinker (however, the chance that so it will appear, ischezayushche is small), then it can be pleased with such competent thing as a cooler - a heater of bottles. It looks very adequately and, for certain, will not stand long idle. And other device, desktop pass - Schroder, can quite become quite good business too - the gift emphasizing the status of the owner: all serious businessmen have a need regularly personally to destroy papers - to exclude chance of their hit in paws of competitors.

As you can see, ways to choose worthy and - I will emphasize - pertinent business - the gift exists much. Finally - a couple of words how it is correct to pack it. Any multi-colored wrappers with florets and bows from ribbons. And furthermore - multi-colored bags! Right choice: expensive packing paper, best of all one - or two-color and with texture . Tie up a gift the tape suitable on color or a lace (any spangles!), and under knot palm off a card with congratulations, same stylish and laconic. Now - what is necessary!