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How to choose a heating radiator?

Summer - the best time for replacement of radiators of heating in the apartment. In the summer heating is disconnected to replace, respectively, radiators at this particular time - what is necessary.

So, old radiators are ready to be shipped for a dump, but whether new are chosen? Let`s try to understand this question.

For a start it is necessary to choose type of the heating device. Radiators happen section and convector type, that is having a casing in which there is a curved pipe with fins (the metal plates welded on a pipe for a bigger thermolysis). The main difference between them that convectors happen only the fixed sizes, and here the section battery can be made any length.

Also it will be necessary to define material of which the radiator is made. For this purpose it is necessary to know working and opressovochny pressure in heating system. He can be recognized in ZhEU. Working pressure, as a rule, of 6 - 8 atmospheres, and test can be 2 - 2,5 times higher therefore many, are more often import, radiators are not suitable for our systems.

Aluminum as material, often does not approach from - for qualities of water in city heating systems with which mix alkaline additives. They react with aluminum that leads to a leak.

The greatest popularity received bimetallic radiators. At such batteries the aluminum fins covered with strong enamel and the copper or steel core on which water runs. In addition, such radiators are protected by the material steady against chemistry from within.

At the choice pay attention and to the internal size of pipes of radiators. If diameter less than 0,5 inches, then know that in the old house such pipes will be hammered with a rust in 2 - 3.

When the battery is bought and time of its installation came, you need to address in ZhEU and to write the corresponding application with the indication of date of replacement. After that to choose firm - the fitter. Try not to save on they are pipes can check at any time and shabashnik established a radiator with violation of norms, will not bear responsibility for zality yours and, especially, others apartment. If you decided to transfer the battery to other place, also do not forget about additional coordination of this movement.

Prepare pipes in the summer! Prepare for heat in the summer!