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What is concealed in itself by Turkish cuisine? Kebabs.

Were time, Russians did not know about Turkish cuisine. Where it, this time? Turkish cuisine became us almost native. And theoretically too.

All because Turkey for many Russians was the first abroad what they saw own eyes. The first impressions, as we know, the brightest, and the first love it is impossible to forget. And if to look at a question from a practical belltower, in Turkish cuisine it is possible to fall in love with a lot of things. And that is important, almost all it corresponds to the Russian taste.

- And how alcohol? - you are surprised. - Turkey - the Islamic country! be not surprised to

. Islam has quite secular character here, it reasonably leaves some openings for alcohol. And, if it is honest, these openings - width about the prospectus. Turks do not drink the alcoholic beverages received by fermentation, that is, wine at all. And here with vodka (as it is a product not of fermentation, and distillation) - any problems. However, vodka this anisic. Similar drinks exist in all countries having an exit to the Mediterranean or Black seas. They are called differently - " raki; pastis Ouse - but are used equally, in mix with cold water. The Turkish anisette is called raka and its milky-white mix with water - lion milk .

But, you know that? How many asked the Russians who were in Turkey whether it was pleasant to them " milk; everything as having agreed, answered - no. And even more sharply. It is impossible to suspect these people of bias. They can tell for hours about the taverns hidden on the Istanbul lanes where the tourist leg does not go. What surprising the shish kebab what heavenly beauty kebabs, and - at this moment story-tellers with amazement throw up the burned-out eyebrows - only from mutton becomes there, however does not strike from food an old ram. And how it at them leaves, and?

Or about fish Turkish restaurants where it is only necessary to point a finger at the big fish clapping a mouth, and her literally in a minute - at this moment listeners are surprised - will throw, drawn, on a grill. Generally a lot of things is told by skilled travelers, however instead of raka they inevitably prefer the misted glass of good Russian vodka to the Turkish dishes.

Agree, it and arises to a juicy piece of fried mutton, to spicy baked eggplants and sweet pepper, to the bird baked on coals and fish. The combination verified already for years. To us, citizens of the country where the main thing to the veseena - summer entertainment is paradoxically called shish kebabs it davny - is known long ago. It is possible to wash down, of course, mutton and eggplants we heat tea, but, in my opinion, it somehow is even ridiculous.

The recipe in a subject. Kebabs from mutton with greens

of the File of the recipe:


Second course - Turkish cuisine

- the Preparation time: 2 - 3 hours

- the Dish are not among vegetarian

- Caloric content: 571 kcal for 1 portion

- Quantity of portions: 2.


of 0,5 kg of low-fat

mutton of 70 g of marrow

1 big bulb

of 4 tablespoons of the crushed greens of

cilantro of 2 tablespoons of the crushed greens of

parsley of 2 tablespoons of the crushed greens of

0,5 mint of h l. zira

0,5 of h l. coriander

of 1 tablespoon of a ground paprika

big pinch of the

1 hot red pepper of h l. ground cinnamon

salt wooden skewers.

What to do:

1. Small to chop meat a knife, to mix with marrow. To peel onions and to cut very small. To put all spices in a mortar, to add salt and to pound a pestle in powder.

2. To add onions, greens and pounded spices to meat, to mix to absolute uniformity, to cover with a film and to place in the refrigerator not less than for 2 hours, and it is 6 better.

3. When forcemeat will be drawn, to get it from the refrigerator; it is possible to put a bowl with forcemeat on ice. To moisten hands with water; to take on a piece of forcemeat size about egg and to stretch lengthways on a skewer, well pressing down on all length, especially on the ends.

4. To warm an oven to 200 C. To place skewers on edges of a fire-resistant form so that kebabs did not concern a form bottom. To put a form in an oven. To prepare 12 min., in the middle of preparation to turn kebabs.

5. To give with greens, a slice of a lemon and the fresh, crackling bread. Appetite pleasant to you!