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How to prepare Cantonese rice?

Rice are the product, most widespread in the world. It is eaten in the distant West and in the Middle East, in Asia, in Europe and in both America. In India most of the population eats rice at least once a day. And in China at all at least two.

of the File of the recipe:


Second course - Chinese cuisine

- the Preparation time: 1 hour

- is not among vegetarian dishes

- Caloric content: 339 kcal for 1 portion

- Quantity of portions: 4.


1 glass of the

2 rice red sweet

pepper of 4 tablespoons of

6 vegetable oil of

1 cherry tomatoes

carrot 1 bulb

of 150 g of

champignons 2 branches of

6 parsley of quail

eggs salt, pepper to taste.

What to do: the Step 1

Rice to wash out

warm water. To put in a pan, to pour in 2 glasses of water and to bring quickly to boiling. To add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, it is a little salt, to reduce fire and to cook 7 min. To remove from fire, to cover and set aside.

A step 2

Pepper to wash up, cut in half to remove a core. To cut small squares. To warm 1 tablespoons of vegetable oil in a frying pan, to fry pepper, 4 min., to shift in a bowl. Tomatoes to wash up, cut on halves, to lower in the boiling water for 3 min., then to cast away on a colander.


Carrots and onions to clear a step, to wash up champignons. To cut onions half rings, carrots - straws, champignons - thin plates. In the same frying pan to fry onions and carrots, 4 min. To add champignons and to prepare 6 min.

the Step 4

Parsley to wash up, dry and crush. To shake up eggs in magnificent foam. Continuing to shake up, add parsley and a little salt. To warm the remained oil in a frying pan, to pour out egg mix and to prepare on average fire of 7 min. To turn an omelet on other party and to prepare 4 more min. To shift to a chopping board and to allow to cool down a little. Then to cut an omelet thin strips.


Rice to lay out a step to a deep frying pan, to add tomatoes, onions, carrots and mushrooms. To mix.

6 to Deliver a step to

on average fire and to warm up 5 min. Right at the end to add an omelet strip.

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