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What is okolopivo?

Surprising things are offered by the modern food industry: sausage from soy, fish from chicken, soup - from a cube. And only nonalcoholic beer - from the beer. Different subtleties Abroad it call


okolopivy - in English near beer. And it would be more correct - rebeer, in order that to make it, it is necessary to weld usual beer - with the same amount of hop and malt. Opinion that in nonalcoholic something do not report - wrong. It is all about features of technology.

To receive a grade with the lowered contents turns brewers should supplement classical process of production with one more stage. It or an additional filtration (a dialysis - separation from beer of excessive amount of alcohol by means of a membrane), or heating to high temperature. How exactly to facilitate beer - is not so important. The choice of this or that way does not influence taste of the final product. By the way, domestic producers use a dialysis more often - it is carried out on the qualitative import equipment which cost can exceed 1 million dollars.

And if it is honest, about nonalcoholic beer opinion at most of consumers low. Like, both opposite it, and useless - amuses. But that to approve it, it is necessary to try at least several its grades. It will be pleasant to someone nonalcoholic Falcon to someone - Polar bear and someone will tell that at Baklera (Buckler), Kronverka or Klaustalera (Clausthaler) - pleasant taste.

Nonalcoholic beer - quite useful. And its presence in the market is quite justified - there are enough groups of consumers interested in it. We still will talk about them. Besides not it it and nonalcoholic - the usual fortress of such grades - 0,3-0,5%. Is enough for some.

And, at last, it is considered that it is obliged by the birth in the second half of the last century to growth of number of the road accidents happening because of drunk drivers. The governments of some countries thought of this trouble. And brewers executed the social order.

Sweet or bitter?

In Russia at first looked sideways at the citizens buying nonalcoholic beer and even thought up the known joke about the first step. But times changed. Demand for a product steadily grows. And if three years ago 1,7% of all beer market, then today - 1,9% were the share of it, and also all 3% are possible in the near future. And some five years ago in shops the only Russian grade of an okolopiv - " was presented; Falcon nonalcoholic . The known import brands are made at the plants located in Russia, for example, of Buckler - on Petersburg To Brewery Heyneken . Generally, it is always possible to choose beer from the existing grades to taste - more sweet, with malt smack or with an easy slightly bitter taste.

The most popular nonalcoholic at us - Baltic No. 0 with a density of 10%. This grade spreads since 2001. Appeared " even earlier; Falcon - 6,7%. Other trademarks try not to lag behind and let out the okolopivny versions: Yarpivo - 8%, Polar Bear - 6,8%, Bochkaryov - 6,5%, Konigsberg - 6,5% etc. In parallel on open spaces of the former USSR nonalcoholic variations of traditional foreign brands, for example, of Bavaria Malt - 6,3% cook. And here density nonalcoholic Holstena - 11,2%, and it at 0% of alcohol! Activity is shown also by regional producers. Let`s note Legend Nonalcoholic (11%) from the Krasnoyarsk company Pikra .

All this concerns expansion of the range of already available trademarks. But there is in our shops also specialized nonalcoholic. Specialized - in the sense that its alcoholic analog does not exist. For example, world famous Buckler (11,5%) and Clausthaler (classical has density of 7,1%). And as the very first similar brand of the Russian production it is possible to consider Kronverk which is spilled in St. Petersburg at " plant; Vienna (density - 11%, alcohol - 0,3%). Now joined it Pilot from Ivan Taranov`s Breweries (6,5% for 0,4%).

But there is more to come. Let`s tell, we did not try German " yet; Bittburger Drive (Bittburger Drive). Still passes by us and Calibre (Kaliber), welded by experts legendary Ginnessa . Well and, of course, kinds of Clausthaler - ginger, lemon, wheat, on herbs.

The whole world belongs to beer with the lowered content of alcohol without prejudice. It already became part of world gastronomic culture. And not only gastronomic. Even in the cartoon serial Simpsona cooked own nonalcoholic - Daff Nulevoye (Duff Zero).

To women and children

As the consumer of an okolopiv looks? The broadest category - drivers. One automobile edition made experiment: gave to volunteers five bottles of nonalcoholic and forced to drink. According to breathalyzers, at those any signs of consumption of alcohol were not revealed - means, a test is passed. Further - pregnant women: many husbands, buying by itself beer, do not forget and about wives - take them something nonalcoholic. The girls keeping to a diet have to know: calories in nonalcoholic beer are about 1,5 times less, than in alcoholic - about 30 in comparison with 42-45 (on 100 g of a product). And the citizens using drugs can quietly drink nonalcoholic too.

And in the Land of the rising sun one company arranged production children`s beer. And already the third year the Japanese preschool children and school students drink Kidsbeer. By the form it differs in nothing from what is offered adults: the same color and dense foam, the same packing, and slightly tastes like nonalcoholic. But from the point of view of the Kidsbeer technology - all - navsy harmless aerated water.