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Chair for the school student: dancing or usual?

the good health of the child - a basis of full-fledged life and a main purpose which is set before themselves by parents. But how to reach objectives if now in the world low-mobility runs the show? First of all, it is necessary to choose the correct chair for the school student, a beautiful bearing - guarantee of good health.

the Sedentary life - a problem of modern children

to understand why decrease in load of muscles and restriction of the general physical activity is an important problem, it is necessary to analyse a day regimen of the child. Here the picture appears sad: the school student spends at lessons much time, is engaged in preparation of homeworks, watches TV or goes to virtual reality And how morning exercises, active recreation, sports activities?

Unfortunately, scientifically - technical progress essentially changed a way of life both adults, and children. For example, with development of transport of people got rid of desire to go on foot. With the advent of computers in houses and apartments the situation was even more aggravated as outdoor games and walks in the fresh air replaced the Internet and social networks. It turns out that the child sits at lessons, sits in the bus, sits in front of the computer or in front of the tablet.

The wrong chair for the school student conceals in itself huge threat. It was already told above that the pupil spends much time in a sitting position therefore his muscles will gradually atrophy, the backbone experiences big strain, and the bearing is bent. Armrests and a back in such furniture products do a disservice, passive sitting on a chair is fraught with serious consequences.

Low physical activity makes negative impact on the school student because there are problems with health:

force, endurance decreases;

breaks a metabolism;

the energy potential of heart decreases;

breaks functioning zheludochno - an intestinal path;

progress worsens.

the Dancing Chair for the school student - the enemy of a hypodynamia!

the Human body needs daily physical activities therefore it is possible to call the Dancing Chair with confidence the invaluable assistant without which today in any way not to do! This innovative production radically differs from usual furniture products, it is about unique constructional features.

In - the first, the seat of the Dancing Chair has the one and only point of support and three degrees of freedom. And it means that having shrunk and having stooped on it will definitely not sit. In - the second, armrests and a back at such product are absent, that is muscles at the child will not be to atrophy. In - the third, height of a seat is regulated, depending on growth. In - the fourth, at the beginning of summer the new model of a chair with an anatomic seat, comfortable for landing, was produced. And each reader of this article will find more detailed information on the official site of ru .

A chair for the school student dancing - the unsurpassed invention of 21 centuries! The essence of its work is that during sitting joints of the person are in the movement, muscles of a back and a press train, shoulders finish, and the stomach is pulled in. The child, dancing on a chair, makes rotary motions and inclinations in different directions. Thus passive sitting turns in dynamic, by the efficiency comparable with riding a horse.

10 powerful arguments in favor of the Dancing Chair

Would be desirable to pay attention of parents that not far off the first of September. After carefree summer days there will come the school time therefore the child will spend much time on a chair, performing homeworks. In preservation of health of a moral of adults and reminders: do not stoop level a back bring to few sense. But you should not despair because the Dancing chair is ideally suited for the school student! It brings enormous benefit:

1. The vestibular mechanism which is making active vital forces and counteracting gravity gets into gear.

2. Wake up deep muscles - they gradually become stronger, supporting a spine column.

3. The question as it is correct to sit, is solved easily and simply as the bearing becomes straight, stoop and back, neck pains disappear.

4. Protective forces of an organism increase.

5. Physical shape is kept.

6. School progress improves, and the chronic fatigue disappears.

7. The child gets confidence in the forces because people with a beautiful bearing and a light step draw attention of people around.

8. Work of a brain is stimulated, blood circulation accelerates, the lymph flow is normalized.

9. In an organism happiness hormones are produced - endorphins do people joyful and exert positive impact on power.

10. Extra kilos disappear - this moment is actual, low-mobility can lead to obesity.

The Dancing chair is useful to adults too because harm of sedentary work with the help of such product turns into advantage . At the same time it is possible to balance on it, without being tired and enjoying balance deduction process, for 8 - 12 hours. And whether elderly people suit such invention? Of course, physical activity is necessary to everything, regardless of age!

The dancing chair for the school student - the invention which does not have equal! If parents want to see the child healthy and vigorous, they have to tell good-bye to usual chairs!