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How to learn English, without having fallen into a trap charlatans?

the Main problem when training in English - quality of teaching. For this reason many learn English for years, but in any way cannot master language to the level of free possession. A striking example of how training turns into profanation - the telelessons famous polyglot who though itself also learned English hardly, but obviously heard nothing about effective planning and carrying out lessons and does not wish to hear.

Unfortunately, neither this polyglot, nor those who started his self-made lessons on television care for that people could study quickly and effectively. In a pursuit of a profit they are not afraid to expose themselves charlatans all over the country, showing the full professional unfitness.

Really it was difficult to find really normal teacher of English who is familiar with the advanced methods of training and has teaching qualification of the international level in all country? Question, of course, rhetorical.

Possibly, everyone would like to study at the good teacher. And to be able to distinguish the good teacher from bad it is necessary to have accurate evaluation criteria. In the article What the reputation of language school is made of and how to distinguish the good teacher of English from bad the " newspaper published on the website; Kuzovatovsky messages the central place is allocated just to this question, - accurate, clear criteria for evaluation of overall performance of the teacher are given in article. Article can be read here: ru/blogi/o - kulture/iz - chego - sdelana - reputatsiya - yazykovoy - shkoly - i - kak - otlichit - horoshego - prepodavatelya - angliyskogo - yazyka - ot - plohogo. html

Having armed with knowledge of how in practice it is quickly enough possible to understand, how well the teacher of English owns the craft, it is possible to try to find such teacher. However at once there will be difficulties: the teachers claiming that they are able to learn and are familiar with modern technologies of training - much, and here those who not just claim, and really own a subject - very much and very few.

And if for certain it is possible to find the teacher of the international level in Moscow or St. Petersburg, then in other cities of Russia it will be improbable. The reason for that - the traditional Soviet approaches to this day used when training teachers in Russia and also conservatism of thinking. Besides, receiving internationally - recognized qualification demands from the teacher to show brilliant knowledge of English, readiness to perceive new information and is rather expensive: the cost of a course makes about one and a half thousand euros, apart from expenses on accommodation and flight. In other words, any part just does not conform to introductory requirements, some part - is too conservative to realize those advantages which the understanding of the best international experience gives and others is simply not able to pay expenses on increase of the qualification.

Unfortunately, the main problem that people do not realize requirement to improve the skills and do not see sense to adopt the best practices. Much more often some polyglot - the half-educated person imagines herself as super - the teacher who here - here will teach to speak fluently all country in all foreign languages at once. But, the miracle does not occur. The one who studies at the layman is trampled down on one place or if takes steps in a right direction, then with great difficulty, and huge time expenditure which reduces motivation and create false feeling of inability to languages. And business here at all not in abilities or their absence, and in technology of training - exclusively.

Where searches of effective methods of training only do not bring our compatriots! To England, to Malta, to Norway, Finland and even to Malaysia and to Philippines. And abroad exist as serious language schools with the good reputation earned thanks to excellent results of pupils and those schools which are experts in the sphere of marketing and sales, but not in the sphere of teaching in any way. About it the author of the article " warns; How to choose English language courses abroad study - express. ru/article - 141. htm

Therefore having decided to go behind happiness to strange lands, it is necessary previously will arm with knowledge. And if about criteria for evaluation of quality of work of the teacher it was already told above, then here concerning quality of work of school council one: it is necessary to pay attention to reputation of educational institution. Such advice is given in the article How to choose good English language courses abroad .

Training in English abroad has a number of features about which it is possible to read in the article Training in English at foreign language schools: features and advantages : study - express. ru/article - 66. htm

A of subjects, wants to understand questions of studying of English abroad to the small details it is possible to recommend a selection of articles on the website English in Malta: ru/malta_publications. shtml

So if you want to master English at the decent level - you should not dance to tune of everyone unscrupulous polyglot . Even if it is the character from the TV - popularity is not a competence synonym. The same principle will approach also at the choice of language school - the one who pasted over with advertizing all cars of the subway or hammered to the full with the offers your mailbox, obviously one of leaders in sales. But not the fact that at this school you will be taught by good teachers.

There is a lot of good language schools in the world, but to simplify searches we will give two as an example. The first, certainly the school deserving attention, is Berlits London, the oldest school of foreign languages in London. Mark Berlits there are more than 130 years to this day is a legislator of standards in the sphere of training in foreign languages. Berlits London offers most individualized programs of training of high intensity in a premium - a segment. The second school - IELS Malta - one of leaders in a ratio the price - quality. This largest language school of Malta offers English language courses for all categories of clients and at rather democratic prices provides steadily high level of quality.

Therefore not to fall into a trap charlatans and not to hit paws to silly persons, you should not dance to their tune. Show judiciousness and an initiative, responsibly approach a question of the choice, investigate a question in details. Be curious at what language school or at what teacher it is possible to achieve the best results. Study at those whose reputation is faultless!

Material is prepared by request of the website study - express. ru