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How from our shops sausage disappeared? What in tomato paste? And other miracles! Sausage

of What there was only not that there is only not present! Perhaps, in some special shops still sell the sausage made of meat. Very much can be that at the same time all parameters of old Soviet state standard specification are observed (there is no other suitable reference point of quality in our limits, alas). And it is very healthy! But the average citizen for a variety of reasons is quite far from these springs of abundance.

He, as a rule, makes purchases either in supermarkets, or in backward grocery stores. Here about this production I want to argue a little bit. In - the first, safely I declare: yes there is in these shopping facilities no sausage. Sausage is made of meat. Whereas the product can cheaper cost raw materials? Especially strange in this sense are sausages and sausages. The product which due to be dietary, by the main definition, comprises a maximum of additives, including food paper, and a meat minimum.

Persons interested will easily find the exposing percent in the Internet. I would like to warn our ordinary citizens against attempts to buy meat production cheaper only. Even without going into the chemist`s details - biological researches, sausage at us call the substitute consisting half of a special emulsion, in addition starch, flour, soy protein, dyes, fragrances and, perhaps, percent ten from the general structure of some meat, birds are more often. The emulsion represents the ground, digested bones, the waste of the meat industry, an other meat offal brought to a condition of uniform gruel.

Perhaps, would be correct to give this production the corresponding name: soy long loaf with meat. Naturally, and its price would be corresponding. However producers went on other way. Following to state standard specification when at sausage there is only a meat, fat and necessary spices, cannot make desired fast profit. And here then special TU, that is specifications come to the rescue.

And here please, there is a possibility of use of vegetable oil and other ingredients registered in THAT. It was necessary only to change slightly the name not to compete to state standard specification. And appears Amateur special . The name attractive on similarity, and any commission will not carp in other parameters. Simply Amateur - it is necessary to maintain GOST, and so - drag, fill a product cover almost what you want.

By the way, for reference, so to speak, in earlier existing state standard specifications were specified not only key parameters, but also such trifles as color (for forcemeat), the sizes of long loafs, a smell and taste what the cover has to be made of, even with what in size have to be fat pieces. In structure of half-smoked sausages no impurity were allowed. Present TU easily allows us to eat skins, napikhanny in sausage, soy, and also all bioadditives.

Introduction of new tough standards by production of sausage everything is planned and planned Only their introduction everything is postponed and postponed. The main justification - producers are not ready yet. Moreover say that the consumer will not apprehend new taste and will not begin to buy sausages without the combined additives supposedly original sausage aroma will be lost.

Be continued.