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How to make khachapuri on - Imereti?

All - I very much respect the Caucasian people - both their culture, and their culinary traditions especially. Here only do not think that I tell it with sarcasm! On the contrary! With the complete and comprehensive respect and a piety.

the known dish as khachapuri on is difficult to threaten on such widespread and all - Imereti, without having an opportunity to refer to the beloved aunt or the grandmother of Georgians as authors and primary sources of this tremendous recipe. But I can tell with pleasure that I had a neigbour who even lived 2 years in Batumi... And so... its recipe looked... And if also to call, so very carefully, just flat cakes with cheese, then and in general it is possible to count that will consider and criticize (if it is required, of course) the recipe, but not its authenticity safely. And here - that I just warrant for taste! So as one of ways, as option of the bezdrozhzhevy and very fast option prepared on a frying pan... meet, try and, I hope, prepare!.

For the test : on 1 glass of a yogurt (the word beautiful, but not to all familiar and, the main thing, not meeting on counters so if necessary safely we replace this product either with curdled milk, or with kefir, or with yogurt, or even on sour cream) we take two and three quarters of a glass of flour from all, on a half of a teaspoon of soda and salt, 1 teaspoon with a sugar hill, 1 egg (it is possible to manage also without) and 2 - 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

They say that the Georgian hostesses manage to make khachapuri for that time until only dear visitor reaches on a twisting path from gate the house... Such heights, of course, should try to obtain for years. But that`s it this dough can be made for very and very record time.

So, in a yogurt of room temperature we put soda and we mix it... let to itself hisses... rages... foams... it is extinguished ... Then we add salt, sugar, egg there. Again we mix everything and we sift flour there... 2,5 glasses absolutely safely. We knead dough and, powdering a table with the flour remains, adding on hands and on dough vegetable oil, domeshivay its (dough) to uniform and it is desirable the state which is not sticking to hands. At the same time, as well as always, we try for achievement of this purpose to use the smallest amount of flour and not to torture dough excessive diligence and diligence.

We do everything quickly, easily and without fanaticism. We think of pleasant, we dream of fine, we knead with tenderness and pleasure... We cover ready dough (definitely did not mark, but there is a feeling that it became no more than 3 - 4 minutes) with either a polotenchik, or a pan and we leave to have a rest (from us, from our hands and from life in general) for about 20 - 30 minutes.

And it is quiet and with pleasure it is passed to stuffing . We have a suluguni, grams 500 today. (Though ideally, speak, the Imereti cheese is better... but here only where to get - that such, is asked? Still speak, well there is Adygei here. It is possible to add a mozzarella also.) Stuffings (cheese) it is simply obliged to be much... we are people competent too... we understand that it is cheese with bread, but not bread with cheese... Cheese should not be too salty (it not comme il faut) so surely we try and or we soak it in water or milk, or we mix with cottage cheese. And if so it turned out that cheese too fresh, then it is not excluded, as dosalivay. We add still grams 70 - 100 butters and egg.

All - both cheese, and oil, we rub on a large grater, we add egg and properly we mix. Weight should not stand a stake, it is necessary that it was pliable and viscous. So if necessary safely we report one more egg.

Well there was also the most interesting... we mold... we model... we create., to be exact we divide our rested in bed and well rested dough into 4 or 5 parts (depends only on the size of a frying pan in which we will bake flat cakes) and exactly we divide into the same quantity also our stuffing. At the same time with surprise and pleasure it is noticed, as portion pieces of the test, and stuffing pieces on volume are almost equal, or better still, pieces with cheese, perhaps, will be more! Hurrah! it precisely suits Us. Both (both test pieces, and stuffing pieces) we drive in Koloboks.

On the table which is well powdered with flour we knead a test piece in small flat cake and we spread on it Kolobok from a cheese stuffing. Edges of the test, free from a stuffing, as if we embrace our stuffing from above, densely pinching a seam. Tremblingly we watch that even the slightest desire and a possibility of a stuffing to make escape from testyany captivity were ripped in the bud.

The received ball which is hermetically stuck together almost, we shift a seam down and accurately either a rolling pin, or fingers (that it is much more pleasant) we roll Kolobok in flat cake with diameter, very and very similar to diameter of a frying pan in which we will fry.

Well and actually we fry, trying to shake as much as possible from flat cake excess flour, on the dry well warmed frying pan, at once having lowered heating approximately to a half, minute 3 - 4 on the one hand. Until on this party appears appetizingly - a golden, crisp coloring. A cover to us to close even does not come to mind. In - the first, it will be fried thoroughly and so, in - the second, flat cake with the closed cover will begin to dampen and become wet surely... Well and on which we need it, is asked!? And to overturn it from - for it it will be not so handy, easily and easy as it reflected. Having turned - flat cake on other party, we roast to a turn, without deviating from the above instructions, to readiness, in parallel we do not forget already fried party to grease with butter generously.

At the ready khachapuri removed from a plate we oil the second party too, we spread them a pile and it is urgent, literally very much hurrying to please also itself, and hotly favourite hawt with the lasting melted cheese, golden and fragrant flat cake, we call all at a table! I think, nobody will be disappointed...

So successful to you pastries and bon appetit!