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What the modern woman from holiday waits for?

the Modern woman - she exists. Whom we represent, speaking modern woman ? Widespread stereotypes:

Cool business - vuman. It does not concede to men in serious malchikovy games at all. Always at work.

Sexy - girls. She knows that is wanted by men and what is wanted by her from them. Works only on itself.

Mother of family, it the mythical character from commercials. Super - the well-groomed beauty with an ideal figure. The main problem of this woman - pure socks at the child. Works at home.

Ideal. Not less extremely - an ideal image of the woman who is in time all: both to give birth to children and to do career and to look after itself and to love the man and to cook borsch daily.

And actually?

the Reality is close to

to an ideal. We really are in time everything, we give birth to children, we are in charge of housekeeping and we love sex, we work and we have a rest. Modern women are simply adequate to those social conditions in which they live, and those requirements which are natural to people. Happiness of the modern woman

to One of simple and available recipes of comfortable and happy life psychologists call

the correct organization of the way of life. Correctly - it is when there are conditions for satisfaction of all needs of the person.

All of us have a need for social recognition and therefore we need career. All of us have a need to be darlings and therefore we need the relations. All of us want to be healthy and happy and therefore we need good rest after career achievements. Rest which at the same time will be both comfortable and safe.

Of course, those stresses which are endured by the ordinary modern woman, being in time everything, exert impact on immunity. Therefore even the expected holiday at the immunity weakened by stresses does not solve a problem if it is correct not to organize everything.

of What wants the modern woman from holiday?

Wants the sea, the sun, carelessness, remarkable impressions, pleasant acquaintances, fun, rest, improvement and inflow of forces. And what is real? Maybe so: fatigue after hard work, flight to the sea, acclimatization, discomfort, return home not holidaymakers, and in certain cases even with concern about STD signs. Often the reason of unfortunate rest - in the weakened immunity.

the Female decision


a season of holidays, and it is necessary to think of the comfort in advance. The condition of immunity defines chances of development of infections even just after bathing in the sea. An immunomodulator of Galavit - one of modern medicamentous preparations which are used for treatment and prevention of STD. Galavit`s course before holiday reduces risk of emergence of STD. At the same time, as the true immunomodulator, Galavit exerts impact only on those cages which activity or above, or is lower than norm. That is there are no consequences from impact on immunity in general. it makes sense to add

of Galavit to the first-aid kit, not because cases happen different and just proceeding from common sense. Just because the modern woman is attentive to herself. And just because she cares for the health and comfort.