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What do you know about an omega - 3, an omega - 6 and transfats? The simple secret of health

Growth warmly - vascular and oncological diseases disturbs many. It would seem, diseases of the different nature, and the prime cause one. There are many proofs that it is possible to recover from horrible diseases, skillfully operating immunity - to learn it as it appeared, are not difficult at all.

There is growth problem warmly - vascular and oncological diseases. It would seem, diseases of the different nature, and the reason - one! Now we will be convinced of it and I will try to relieve you of concerns about it. There are enough proofs that immunity can be operated. Also it will be a question of a role of food thanks to which treatment becomes possible.

Properties of the polynonsaturated irreplaceable fatty acids (PIFA) an omega - 3 and an omega - 6 are known that they are necessary for the correct functioning of immunity and get to an organism only with food. It is recently established that the optimum ratio of acids an omega - 3 and an omega - 6 in food has to make from 1:2 to 1:4. Aside the omega - 3 leads an imbalance to an incoagulability of blood and the lowered pressure, but in modern conditions to reach it it is almost impossible. Aside the omega - 6 leads a constant imbalance to growth of fatty cages, a blood condensation, chronic inflammations and formation of cancer cells.

We will not begin to resort to dietary supplements, we will go by knowledge. It is obvious that for the last two decades of corpulent people there was much. And the matter is that food of a livestock and bird to 50 - x years of the last century was made by natural forages (a grass, a silo, grain) which promote education in their organisms of an omega - 3. During World War II and after it appeared an ersatz - products for replacement natural. In hungry times it was partly justified. But further this direction began to develop, and cattle, the bird for the purpose of decrease in product cost was transferred to food belkovo - vitamin concentrates where under the guise of protein flour from bones of the same cattle and fishes joins. (Why to a herbivorous cow of squirrels, and furthermore bones if all necessary for itself, a calf and us its organism develops from a grass?) As it appeared, the omega - 3 practically does not develop an organism of such animals! Thus, livestock products - poultry farming - fish breeding, reaching us on a food chain, prevalence is promoted in our food by omegas - 6 in a proportion 20:1!

The state cannot ensure safety of the market of food yet, sometimes weakening control under pressing of producers. At such statement of a question everyone defines destiny of the health independently.

By what to be guided?

Principle of the Greek food: it is a lot of - many vegetables and a little meat, fishes. Still the ratio in it makes 1:1,5 thanks to organic agriculture, abundance of seafood, natural fermented milk products, fresh olive oil! Therefore Greeks practically do not suffer from the mentioned diseases.

In Russia for support of balance of an opportunity is too and what! So, the champion according to contents the omega - 3 and to its ratio to an omega - 6 is linseed oil - 70:1! Besides there is an avocado, seeds and oils mustard, sesame. With an omega - 3 also all species of fat fish are rich.

Along with this principle expediently:

1. Forever to refuse transfats are the vegetable oils and milk fats processed on technology of a hydrogenation - oxidation (saturation) of nonsaturated molecules, it is margarine and spreads. Lying on shelves of shops long time, they do not lose flavoring properties, being a source of free radicals. Hlebo - the bakery and the confectionery industry uses only them. For producers this benefit...

Transfats are harmful absolutely. The stunning indicators of rejuvenation of the mentioned diseases at the population and especially their growth at children - the most unprotected consumers dairy, bread - a bakery and the confectionery industry testify to it. to Fans fried should know

that when heating higher than 180 degrees any oils become transfats, read carcinogens.

If to bake products in an oven on 160 degrees and with convection, they do not burn, they should not be overturned. It is possible to use possibilities of an oven to the maximum and to prepare at once on three baking sheets: on one pie - replacement to store sweets, on another - potato and other vegetables, cutlets, chicken or fish, on the third - cheesecakes, even porridge in silicone can be attached aside. At the same time smells of different products for a preparation time do not manage to mix up.

It is useful, conveniently and economically expediently!

2. For achievement of a proper correlation we switch from the products containing an omega - 6, to the products rich an omega - 3 . Without challenging a certain advantage of sunflower oil, at creation of anticarcinogenic and anti-sclerous diets it is necessary to consider that the omega - 3 to an omega - 6 makes a ratio in it 1:70!

3. Considering property of one of acids entering in an omega - 3 - linoleic - to be oxidized quickly on air, we create to conditions for storage to avoid oxidation: dark glasswares, cool room or refrigerator. Buy no more than 0,5 l, pay attention to terms: from the date of flood there have to be no more than 6 months. After opening you store not longer 2 - x months.

4. For already known reasons consumption store milk will be useful to limit , turned sour - dairy products and meat . Excellent replacement with it: eggs, seafood, fat grades of fish, and also milts salmon and sturgeon. Pay attention to nuts, mushrooms, fine on proteinaceous value, and bean - peas, lentil, haricot (soy I do not recommend from - for polar opinions concerning influence of its pseudo-women`s hormones on organisms of women and men).

If to implement all recommendations, then there will pass the two-three of weeks and you will experience results:

the weight set and which - who will begin to grow thin will stop - the metabolism improves;

there will pass the chronic inflammation - immunity is restored;

perhaps slight dizziness - vessels of a brain are cleared of sclerous plaques, their gleam extends, respectively pressure decreases, but it is observed only at the beginning, elasticity will quickly be restored. you know

A how at the expense of a conclusion of unnecessary products of an exchange inflow of forces is felt, energy - on it can leave to 2 - x months. Be not afraid to change, find health. One it will make you much more happily.

When writing article materials of the book of David Servanus - Shreybera " are used; Anti-cancer.

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