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The second Saturday of June - knitting in the face of all. Such holiday is pleasant?

of World Wide Knit in Public Day celebrate since 2005 when in Paris Daniel Lendes (Danielle Landes) in some way enticed many needlewomen on the street. Animators responded on an event the ridiculous six-minute animated film The Last Knit . The idea was picked up in many countries, and the holiday emblem in the form of the crossed spokes against Europe became first truthful reflection of a measure of its popularity. Now, to show event geography, it is necessary to represent both hemispheres.

last year was loudly declared carrying out a holiday of 350 cities of the planet. The Moscow needlewomen gathered in several places and trained beginners. Is best of all at the beginning rectangles and squares turn out. They were connected in big knitted blankets. The invention with blankets was so successful that this year for certain will pay them special attention. There will be several platforms for knitters what main - is unknown. If at us as Belgorod, in any park there was a bronze sculpture of the knitter, for certain all meet to it. Yet the little shop on Maroseyka / Pokrovka which is famous for show-windows with the knitted toys and a live vyazalshchik behind glass driving through the city an avtomobilchik and by bicycle in bright knitted skins has no information. Fans of a yarnbombing (that is decoration of the city knitted clothes for trees and drainpipes) are going to settle down in Muzeona on a grass overlooking the river.

By this day competitions - for example, " are announced; Games with the sun a clothes competition for children, and some organizations made orders, for example, junior library on Cherkizovskaya where for many years trains in knitting by all available club " Palette; asks to connect coasters. Orphanages hope that after June 14 to them will bring many original products. Future mummies with pleasure accept in gift tiny pinetochka. - that they do not decide to knit from - for a prejudice about the fact that the umbilical cord around a neck of the child will be wound. But the umbilical cord is wound or not wound irrespective of whether mother knitted, and decades when knitting was fashionable at all not, did not affect quantity of hard obvitiya of an umbilical cord and other patrimonial injuries in any way.

Having gathered on Sunday, knitters continue work a week more, to manage to connect an interesting thing in one day not always it turns out. Somewhere knit and sing, somewhere listen to audiobooks or read in turn, there are foreign language courses where knit, repeating words and phrases, and in the semi-released state they are acquired best of all. Improving practicians also are well combined with knitting. Knitting is a rest corporal and sincere, he learns and treats.

Therefore the places constantly open for visitors and at the same time silent, under a roof, but with an opportunity to come to a lawn are very much appreciated. And parks are ready to meet halfway. In the Garden of Bauman there will be a big amateur picnic with participation of the magazine about knitting.

It is not excluded that this day will open new pass - the museums as in 2013 in Rasskazovo of the Tambov region the museum of a sock opened. What can it be? The museum of knitted hats - slippers? Museum of a knitted jacket? Or a constant exhibition of the openwork napkins executed by a hook or in equipment to a frivolita? Museum dumochek? Or knitted wild beasts? Or simply Jersey ? By the way, it is well rhymed with the word floor from - for what the museum can rise by big height.

Waiting for a holiday shops of a yarn lowered the prices. Only for 7% that is unconvincing. Better for 25% and spokes as a gift. By the way, the most remarkable spokes of one size for the big company are sticks from a bamboo for a shish kebab. They are well ground and pointed. And that the yarn did not fly from a reverse side of a spoke, it is possible to reel up an office elastic band on its end.

There is a wish to call for this kind holiday of all little girls and boys of different age. If guys hesitate to knit spokes and hooks, then can get shuttles in fishing shops to learn to knit networks, from them excellent hammocks turn out.

Who has grandmother`s stocks of a yarn - take out in packages on the street and hang up on knots of trees, it is possible with a note - permission to take. Also write names of those of whom it is worth speaking well. The person who knits puts thought and feeling in each eyelet, so the thought of your kindness will be interwoven into some product.