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And you knew about such holiday how Children`s Day of Africa?

To cease to complain of life, you have to visit at least once Africa - Leonardo DiCaprio told.

The international day of children is celebrated around the world in the first day of summer - on June 1. In Russia we know it as the International Children`s Day. Mark out him annually since 1950. But very few people know that separate date in a calendar Children`s Day of Africa appears. He is marked out annually on June 16 around the world. This date was chosen by the Organization of African Unity not incidentally and connected with the well-known tragic events in the Republic of South Africa.

This day 1976 on Hugo - the western suburb of Johannesburg, in the settlement of Soueto thousands of black school students took to the streets, with a protest against poor quality of education and asserting the right to free education in the native language. For two weeks more than one hundred children were shot and thousands got wounds. During demonstrations according to official figures from June 16, 1976 to February 28, 1977 forces of police killed 575 young Africans and about 6 thousand are arrested.

In 1991 Children`s Day of Africa was celebrated for the first time. Attraction of financial resources of mass information, politicians, various medical organizations, charity foundations to a problem of education, medicine and conditions of activity of children of Africa became the main subject.

In 2011 it was decided to pay much attention to the terrifying situation children - homeless children they not protected. They suffer various indignity, violence, operation, and such children about 30 million on the African continent. The concept children are homeless children very often criticize therefore UNICEF gave the following characteristic to this term:

They live in the urban (urbanistic) environment; have parents or other relatives, communication with whom is weak or is absent; are forced to survive, finding for this purpose various ways; see in life on the street the unique way of existence, the street for them replaces a family and becomes the place of social activity; they live with risk for life and are subject to many dangers .

Statistically, the most adverse place for life of the child Africa is considered. Here one of eight children dies, without having lived till one year. Many do not live also till 7 - 10 years. Hunger - one of the most big problems. A large number of children live on streets, without having the house, and are engaged in begging just to live. About 40% of children under 5 years are exhausted and go with the big stomachs which are blown up for hunger.

The most part of the population is ill and dies of malaria and AIDS. Also mortality at the time of delivery is observed - about 10% do not survive from - for insanitary conditions. But in Africa practically in each family from 4 to 12 children and, despite high mortality, the increase in population in a year makes about 1 million people.

The second big problem is an education. At rural schools there are neither walls, nor school desks, nor textbooks. And not all go to school. If the family also has though any means, then, as a rule, to school send the most senior boy. In some regions to 90% of women are not able to write and read.

A main objective of Children`s Day of Africa - in drawing attention to problems with which children live and face daily. On June 16 charity foundations and the organizations are engaged in holding seminars, various actions, show movies and hold concerts. It becomes in order that though somehow to facilitate life of children of Africa and they felt necessary. In Africa this day is considered the worker.

There should not be thrown and not necessary children, there are no bad children, there are intolerable conditions for life.