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To whom such well-known songs BEATLES as " are devoted; Michelle Hey Jude and Let It Be ? We can hear

In these three well-known hits of the Liverpool four three a name - Michel, Jude and Mat Maria. About whom it - about real people or about fictional characters, we will also try to find out in this article.

Michelle (1965)

- conferences Paul McCartney told

On one of a press the following baize about emergence of a song about beautiful Michele: In those days at parties I liked to be represented by the Frenchman. It seemed to me that so will easier meet girls . And it helped? - asked it. Is not present - crafty McCartney answered.

As a result the French entertainments of the singer found the embodiment in the charming ballad where the hero - the Englishman tries to fascinate the Frenchwoman, and the lexicon at it is enough exactly for bleating ma bel (fr. My fine ) . But the hero is sure that language problems - not obstacles for love and if persistently to repeat ma bel and ouch lovyyu the girl will give up.

What only the legend was not invented by the people, trying to discover a prototype bel Michel ! That was said that it is an actress Michele Mercier ( star series of movies about Anjelica), told a chilling story about the French girl crushed by crowd at a concert (other option - the stewardess too crushed by fans of BEATLES, but already in airfield).

Of course, there were neither actresses, nor the trampled maidens. And McCartney as it became clear, even in French could not compose two lines itself. And as it it earlier under the Frenchman mowed ?

P. McCartney:

Michel - only a name. I felt that the song Michelle has to sound in the French style (imitates Charles Aznavour). The wife of my friend taught French, and I asked it to tell several phrases from which I chose the most successful combinations of the words .

D. Lennon:

I wrote eight steps in a middle part Michelle one of Paul`s songs. Somehow he sang to me the first several steps and asked: Well and how to me to be farther? I listened to Nina Simon, apparently, the song I Put A Spell On You and there was a line in which repeated: I love you, I love you, I love you . I also suggested to insert it into the middle: I love you, I love you, I lo - o - ove you . Blues intonations became my contribution to Paul`s songs usually. Otherwise Michelle would become the blank ballad. It introduced ease and optimism, and I am grief, dissonances, sad blues notes .

On the single Michelle as well as Yesterday in England did not leave. What did not prevent it to receive in 1966 Grammy as to the best song of year.

Hey Jude (1968)

It as two songs, old times. At first there is a song, and then - on - on - on . Abruptly . So Mick Jagger Paul McCartney concerning his new song " told; Hey Jude .

One funny history was connected with the name of a song. Somehow, walking according to Baker - the street, Paul scratched Hey Jude on a wall of one of shops - decided something to make like advertizing (well, the boy the boy, honestly!) . What his surprise when soon it was called by the furious owner of shop was and told that for similar anti-Semitic inscriptions, he will ask sons to pour properly McCartney though that a celebrity. Paul needed many efforts to convince calling that the word Jude has no relation to Jews.

Actually the divorce proceedings of John Lennon and his first wife Cynthia which is widely covered by mass media became a reason for writing of the next hit. The situation was not palatable, and McCartney as the old friend of the family, took great pain them to support. Hey Jude became a peculiar appeal to the most affected party - to little Julian Lennon, and at first was called Hey, Jule .

P. McCartney:

I considered that as the friend of the family I am obliged to be in Ueybridzhe, and tried to encourage them, to visit. From my house to them was about an hour of driving. I always switched off radio and tried to compose songs while I went. And somehow I began to sing: Hey, Jule, do not worry, take the sad song and make it better... It were the optimistical, full hopes of the word turned to Julian: Yes, buddy, your parents divorced. I understand, to you it is bitter, but over time it will become easier for you . Eventually, I changed Jule on Jude . One of characters Oklahoma called Jude, I liked this name .

D. Lennon:

He said that it is the song about Julian, my son. Paul knew that I divorce Cyn and I leave Julian. It arrived to see Julian, he behaved with it as the kind uncle. Paul is always skillful to get on with children. Here it also brought the song Hey Jude . But I always considered it as the song about me .

Beatles decided to approach record of a song with scope peculiar to them. For maintenance final on - on - on invited the whole orchestra. When the orchestra won back, the producer George Martin asked classics and contemporaries also to sing along, and in palms to clap. At first orchestral players were indignant - a pier, we are musicians, but not summary chorus of Baptists. But when suggested to pay Martine for it overtime, most of musicians right there appeased pride, and the chorus took place.

The unusual song with two couplets, two refrains and the long orchestrated final turned out, neither more nor less, seven minutes at the end. In those days such long songs did not suit neither for singles, nor for rotation on radio, as hurried to explain to Beatles George Martin. On what John Lennon impudently declared: Where these di - Jay will get to? They will twist any single if it is the single BEATLES .

There was a problem how to contain the long song on the single calculated for 4 minutes a maximum. Sound engineers explained that to squeeze - that is possible more, but then there will be losses in loudness.

Paul McCartney everything is tried to persuade engineers to experiment, and those managed to place Hey Jude on a plate due to compression of that part of a song which should not sound loudly. For those times release of such single was really revolutionary event.

Hey Jude left on August 26, 1968, and first radio - DJs really twisted a single extremely reluctantly. Until the angered people did not torture them letters and calls. Lennon appeared the rights - BEATLES could dictate to musical business the terms now.

A month later Hey Jude habitually headed a hit - parades on both sides of Atlantic.

Let It Be (1970)

to participants of a quartet it became finally clear to

By the beginning of 1970 that the history BEATLES ended. However, there was a musical material which was created for next Beatles the movie in 1969 - m (to Abbey Road ) and it was not realized in the form of an album.

The song under the symbolical name " became a beautiful and sad final chord of legendary collective; Let will be so . On January 4, 1970 to it the last parties bek - a vocal, executed by George, Paul and his wife - Linda were added.

Mother Maria

I comes to difficult moments of my life

to me tells wise words:

Let and will be .
though many saw

I in the words Mother Mary a hint on Virgin Mary, Paul McCartney always said that he meant the mother - Mary McCartney - died from cancer in 1956 when Paul was only 14 years old. His brother Michael considered that the death of mother formed that empty funnel which was occupied by a guitar and music in Paul`s soul.

P. McCartney:

Before creating the song Let It Be I had a period of a deep depression. I think that considerably from - for drugs. I was unsteady on night clubs, clinging girls. Under the top layer of such stormy life there was an emptiness. I remember one night when I, lying in a bed, felt rather badly. Then the dream dreamed me. I dreamed mother who died many years ago. Mother told: Everything will be good, do not worry, all is formed . And at heart it became suddenly surprisingly easy... After that night I also wrote Let It Be .
27 years Later this melody will accompany with

one more tragedy - the church choir will execute Let It Be on a funeral of Linda McCartney who was sent to the grave by the same cancer.

Let and will be - under this name there were the last single, a latest album and the last film of group. Ways of those who forever changed the person fate - and the priest - music dispersed. But BEATLES will always remain in the history great group - one of the main detonators of that musical and cultural revolution which occurred in the second half of 1960 - x.