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Chinese cuisine: meat with spices or spices with meat? Very much I like to cook

Ya, I approach process creatively and often I change a traditional compounding of preparation of dishes. Interest in cookery lives in me since the childhood, but the professional cook I did not become and I prepare for myself, friends and relatives. More than ten years I live in Harbin and from the very beginning with interest I look narrowly at secrets and subtleties of local cookery.

I Go somehow by the Harbin bus. In salon over a seat of the driver the TV freezes up. I look - the cook shows to the dear public at first a piece of meat, then potatoes, pepper sweet, a cauliflower, tatsun - green onions, and garlic head. In couple of seconds the same products appear on the screen already in the cleaned and cut look. I diligently jag about myself: meat, potato, pepper, cauliflower, onions, garlic; meat - potato - pepper - onions... And meanwhile chshush - the Chinese cook, extinguishes all this together in a huge concave frying pan.

Then he puts in a dish of a little white and black powder (salt and pepper, with pride of the ingenuity I guess), and the chamber of the cameraman is displaced a little to the left where stand on a table... pieces fifteen identical pialochek with spices different and absolutely unclear by sight!. The cook pours out or pours out their contents in a frying pan and something at the same time very actively explains...

Consider - how many you know seasonings? I get stuck usually after cinnamon and vanilla which we apply only in pastries. In the first and second courses we put generally salt and black pepper - peas or ground, bay leaf, sugar, pepper red ground and greens.

Why? Because this never grew in Russia others numerous delicacies ! Even salt was considered always as expensive seasoning, because and dear visitor was welcomed with the most important in the house - bread and salt.

And in China only in the usual morning market you will see at the dealer in spices not less than 20 - 25 sacks with those. What there is only not present!

I began to experiment courageously on myself favourite. Added to soups, solyankas, meat roast - and very quickly understood that for our Russian soul (read wombs) a large amount of spices is contraindicated. We, the Russian and all Europeans, love taste of meat, but not spices which can be put in this meat.

Chinese, and I am convinced of it, love spices, but not taste of the main, basic component of a dish! We, Harbin Russians, with horror and misunderstanding look at that amount of spices which the Chinese shashlychnik pours into the meat which is fried on a big brazier strung on sticks. Sticks 30 centimeters long, meat - mutton or beef, and most often pork, small centimetric pieces strung on these big toothpicks makes on length no more than 15 centimeters. Shashlychnik fries meat, pressing it to a hot plate a special metal rake with the wooden handle. Fries quickly and cheerfully. Smiles to you, overturns sticks and pours and pours on a spice brazier...

I do not know that would be made with this local master of a barbecue hot Caucasian men who are a good judge of a shish kebab and to blue in the face argue in what wine it is possible and in what it is impossible to pickle meat not to spoil its aroma. Probably, it would be let on a shish kebab ! Because here it is hard to say, meat it with spices or spices with meat. The use of such food for our Russian stomach does not take place without consequences, and often after that the organism demands pills and the subsequent diet

Many say that Chinese cuisine is refined, various and juicy. For all I will not tell - but found you will not call shish kebabs in Harbin. And here it is not necessary to doubt their piquancy.