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How in the summer to avoid intestinal infections and food poisonings? Part 2

of the Berry - mushrooms are edible

From more than 100000 famous person of species of mushrooms no more than 250.

Following group poisonings - poisoning with traditional gifts of the wood: mushrooms and berries. Danger can trap in several directions here.

First of all, not everyone well is guided in forest vegetation, even those who consider themselves as inveterate mushroom pickers and forest people. It is very simple to mix among themselves species of mushrooms, and consequences can be deplorable because there is not a lot of really edible fungi. And the pale toadstool kills only slightly more slowly, than botulotoksin, but approximately with the same efficiency.

The following ambush - processing and preparation. First of all, of course, it concerns mushrooms. Here a lot of things depend on skills and diligence of the mushroom picker - the supplier. It is simple to boil and roll up in banks - occupation risky (you see slightly above the story about botulism).

And last, but the most unpleasant tendency. Even traditionally edible fungi can be a source of large problems with digestion. The matter is that mushrooms are in the habit to absorb in themselves from the soil the most various substances and connections. If they are toxic for the person, then and the mushroom stuffed with chemicals becomes dangerous. Even if it is white.

How not to get:

to gather only those mushrooms and berries of which edibility are sure for 100% any doubt is treated as an occasion not in favor of a plant;

not to collect gifts of the wood along automobile and railway routes, near dumps, warehouses and other industrial constructions;

not to break technology of processing and preparation: it is the best of all to salt or pickle mushrooms.

Sturgeon semifresh

Last group poisonings has, perhaps, the most obvious reason. The product simply - naprosto deteriorated. Fiziko - chemical properties changed so that at hit in an organism he will cause a rough protest from a stomach and intestines.

The most interesting that at the different people of concept about criticality of change of properties of this or that food very strongly differ. That to the Chukchi it is good, the Kuban Cossack can be if not death, then large-scale disorder of intestines precisely. And if for the resident of Iceland fish with musty smell - the element of ethnic cuisine connected with insufficiency of digestive enzymes at inhabitants of the island, for the resident of Central Russia acquaintance to sturgeon second - the third freshness can cost two - three toilet rolls.

How not to get: if the consistence, a smell, color or other characteristics of food do not inspire in

trust - refrain from experiments with yourself;

if in other country you want to try traditional national dishes - take an interest from what and as they are prepared, it is quite probable that your stomach will not be delighted to the fact that you intend to put in it.

The most important governed at any problems with zheludochno - an intestinal path - not to count only on the forces. In most cases you will not be able to define - what infection lodged in you and as to cope with it and also whether you are dangerous to people around. Even the doctor for the solution of these important questions will need laboratory researches. And in such serious cases as botulism or poisoning with mushrooms, delay can cost to the victim life.

So any diarrhea which is followed by temperature increase - a good reason to call the doctor. Also do not write off it on idle time food poisoning it as we found out, can be very artful.

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