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How it is correct to hand gifts?

always hand the Gift in packing. It not only gives it more charm and charms, but also becomes according to tradition. Besides the donator or the recipient will not always have a desire to show the gift reflecting degree of your proximity, depth and character of the relations.

Delivery of a gift unpacked is a demonstration of neglect and disrespect. A plastic bag even if with an emblem of firm, it is impossible to consider as gift packing. In packages distribute humanitarian aid, but not gifts.

Be adjusted on the fact that donation is a ceremony. Delivery of a gift is followed by kind wishes, and receiving - words of gratitude. Prepare these simple phrases, find not denied novelty the right to speak, try, avoiding stamps, to express feelings sincerely, without trivial formulations.

Going on a visit to the house of the family person, surely take a gift to the hostess. It is good if the gift corresponds to its addictions (the new magazine on knitting or floriculture, threads for embroidery, a photo album, a compact - a disk of the favourite singer). If hobbies of the hostess are unknown to you, it is possible to present her chocolate, candies, flowers (a bouquet or a flowerpot), liqueur (but not wine or champagne).

If the gift is not handed, and sent (by mail, with the courier), then the business card or a card in an envelope is attached to it.

Being going to congratulate on a holiday several girlfriends or employees, acquaintances among themselves at once, you remember that gifts for them have to be different.

If you did not count on receiving a gift, and it is delivered unexpectedly - unexpectedly, and you feel need to answer the same, know that you were not late as it is possible to hand gifts and to send congratulations within ten days after red dates.

The forbidden and dangerous gifts

the Wrong choice of a gift can become a hint at all not on those relations which are meant by giving. First of all it concerns objects of a toilet and clothes (underwear, socks, ties, etc.) . In - the first, this matter of taste, and in - the second, clothes and accessories - part of that image which is formed consciously by the person, pursuing a definite purpose.

This purpose is not always known and clear, and your gift can be or not in the subject or it is misinterpreted - as a hint on shortcomings of the person or lameness of his taste.

Perhaps, perfumery? Tell, it is easy for you to choose to himself suitable aroma? So why you think that you will guess tastes of another? In my opinion, you risk, presenting the feelings coddled a joy, spirits in cut " crystal; to the person with other image installations.

The same and with jewelry. Expensive gift always to something obliges, for example, the wedding ring which is traditionally handed by the groom. If you want to keep the independence, never accept jewelry as an attention sign. To give costume jewelry and consumer goods - means, to find a lack of taste or means.

Cosmetics? Well, you can present to the girlfriend cream from wrinkles, and she in reply will make happy you with a deodorant from sweat. Not bad, isn`t that so? Well, and if it is serious, then the cosmetics is personal, even intimate, a part of the life: someone struggles with dandruff, someone with a plentiful hair loss, annoys someone freckles, and someone comes to despair from one more heat-spot.

Unless there is a wish that it was noticed even if hand us a jar next miracle means? No, let`s give cosmetics to ourselves better!

Presenting alcoholic drinks, you have to know that a state of health and beliefs of the person do not forbid it to take alcohol.

the Dangerous gift can be religious attributes (crosses, icons, beads, etc.) or products c images of religious symbols (pictures, greeting cards, etc.) .

The person to whom the gift is addressed or people from its environment, can be atheists, or representatives of different faiths. Only having been sure absolutely of mutual understanding and agreement of opinion with your partner, really assessing a situation, you can make a similar gift.

It is possible to carry to undesirable gifts also those which demand special or constant care: puppies, kittens, aquarian small fishes, birds etc. to Give to

money also not always is pertinent. The person with the modest income will spend them for daily purchases and will not feel pleasure and exclusiveness of an event.

Perhaps, only young married couples, whose plans of acquisitions their opportunities, and pensioners who hardly make ends meet much more surpass, with pleasure will accept such gift.